Logic - 0800 567 567: You matter

1247 days ago

We all go through the most at some point in time and Logic released this new single: 1-800-273-8255 ft. Alessia Cara, Khalid dedicated to people who need help and some form of acknowledgement that everyone is as important as the next. The song has been doing quite well, it's number 30 on the #CokeTo40JHB since its debut, and still climbing. We believe it says a lot.

We do not judge and we cherish each and every life on earth. We have our own South African suicide crisis line, if you going through the most:
Suicide Crisis Line
0800 567 567
SMS 31393

Give them a call and let the South African Depression and Anxiety group help you.

If you have not heard or seen the music video yet, don't worry we have it on lock down. Tune into the #CokeTop40JHB every Saturday from 10:00-14:00 to catch the single and here's the video watch here:

Our favorite Modern Family actor Nolan Gould aka "Luke Dunphy" plays one of the roles in this powerful music video. It's refreshing to see him take on a more somber role. We care about your well being, don't let life get a handle of you. Talk to someone. Check them out. 947 loves you.

These are some of the feelings and thoughts you may experience: • Can't stop the pain • Can't think clearly • Can't make decisions • Can't see any way out • Can't sleep, eat or work • Can't get out of depression • Can't make the sadness go away • Can't see a future without pain • Can't see themselves as worthwhile • Can't get someone's attention • Can't seem to get control • Feel hopeless and helplessIf you experience these feelings, get help! If someone you know exhibits these symptoms, offer help!

South African Depression and Anxiety Group



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