[WATCH] Mercedes Benz goes back 30-years to recreate harrowing car crash for ad

623 days ago

Revisit one of Chapman’s Peak's legendary miracles with its survivor, Christopher White. How will he deal with being back at the scene 30 years later of South Africa's most famous accident? Watch the video to find out...

Thirty years ago‚ White survived what became known as South Africa’s most famous road accident. His car plunged off Chapman’s Peak Drive in Cape Town - a 100m fall onto unforgiving rocks.

He returned to the scene to test out the new Mercedes-Benz, except he didn't even need to steer the vehicle.

This is real. It’s scary. The car’s in control‚ and as we get closer to the corner‚ yes‚ I can feel my heart beating

Christopher White

Here's the original ad, 30-years-ago...

After the accident in 1988, an ad was made by Mercedes-Benz, documenting the now-famous accident.

Network BBDO said launching the S-Class range of Intelligent Drive vehicles demanded an advertising approach as groundbreaking as the cars themselves.



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