Some of the weirdest things people leave in an Uber - Uber Lost & Found Index.

494 days ago

Uber is back with it's third annual Uber Lost & Found Index.

It's a list of the weird and wonderful things Uber riders leave in the vehicles in the United States, and also reveals which day of the week and times of day people are most forgetful.

In the top 10 most common items, as one might imagine, are phones, cameras, wallets, keys, glasses, vapes and driving licences.

Some of the more weird and whacky ones include an 8-week-old Chihuahua pup, Harry Potter magic wands, a black-and-white tuxedo for a small dog, a full fish tank with fish and water, deer antlers, welding helmet, 6 chicken fillets from the 7-Eleven, a hula hoop and a propane tank...among others.

The most frequent days and times for forgetting your stuff is - wait for it - Saturdays and sundays between 10pm and 1am. (Big surprise!)

And the most forgetful days of the year? 1 January and 29 October - New years and Halloween!

And if you do leave your favourite item in an Uber there is a process to follow to get it back, says the company. Just follow the video instructions...

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