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The #BingeLeague is:

Shannon Leibach
Yuven Govender
Ditshepo Kgopa
Karabo Ntshweng
Preneil Pillay

Take a listen to the podcast below and tell us about your theories and thoughts...

13 Reasons Why

The horn of the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen has once again been blown, summoning the brahs and brahettes to our stations.

In anticipation of Season 3 of 13 Reasons Why, we came together to recap seasons 1 and 2 of the important series and emotions flew a bit high.

We can’t wait to dive into another superb series, so join us for yet another season of the #BingeLeague!

You can find our other #BingeLeague seasons below...

Before we get into it, let's get in the zone with the song that took us to our highest emotional state...

Season 1 & 2 recap...

Podcast Episode 1 - Everyone is a suspect...

Podcast Episode 2 - The 5 main murder suspects...

The League is BACK. We let this one simmer like fine wine. Until the audience was frothing at the mouth for our infinite wisdom. In episode one of The Binge League concerning 13 Reasons Why we SET. THE. DAMN. SCENE. A school shooter is still on the loose, a boy is missing, children try and handle it without a shred of professional help and all the while adults are the WORST (appparently?) tune in ek se #BingeLeague

Stranger Things

Stranger Things 3 is all the hype right now and the #BingeLeague team didn't need to be convinced on which show they'd be covering next.

Most people have already finished the incredible third season, but we've decided to give others a bit of time to catch up.

The team has decided to only cover Chapter 1 and 2 in the first episode.

This season of the #BingeLeague features 947 Bloc Party's, Karabo Ntshweng.

Podcast Episode 1 - Chapter 1 & 2

Take the BuzzFeed Stranger Things quiz and find out which character you are!

You can also find some incredible Stranger Things content on BuzzFeed, too.

Podcast Episode 2 - Chapter 3 & 4

Here are the small things you may have missed piece the #BingeLeague mentioned in the podcast...

Podcast Episode 3 - Chapter 5 & 6

Alternatively, you can watch the action as the #BingeLeague team recorded this episode.

Podcast Episode 4 - Chapter 7 & 8

Alternatively, you can watch the action as the #BingeLeague team recorded this episode.

Shannon #BingeLeague

Shannon #BingeLeague

Yuven #BingeLeague

Karabo #BingeLeague

[Real Artic Dee](https://twitter.com/TheRealArticDee) #BingeLeague

Preneil #BingeLeague

Game Of Thrones

Image source: HBO

We had three of our Game of Thrones addicts sit down and have an extensive chat about Game of Thrones.

Join the Binge League's Shannon (947 Crew), Yuven (947 Daytime Producer) and Ditshepo )Primedia Multimedia) sat down to talk about why Game of Thrones is such a big hit.

The final season is currently airing on MNET, DStv channel 101 at 22:00.

Podcast Episode 1

The Battle of Winterfell has come and gone and here's what our boys over at the #BingeLeague have to say about it...

Podcast Episode 2

Podcast Episode 3

Podcast Episode 4

Podcast Episode 5

Black Mirror

In the blink of an eye another season of Black Mirror comes and goes! The #BingeLeague were buckled in to be shooketh to our very core with what is sure to be another gut-wrenching finale and what happened was a bit... well we’re not really sure. Miley Cyrus somewhat reprises her role as Hannah Montana but this time, it’s most definitely not “the best of both worlds.” Depression deception and obsession is all what this episode is about!

Image source: IGN

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