10 tips for shoppers who plan to blow their money on Black Friday

327 days ago

Consumers are gearing up to splurge big on Black Friday deals at the end of November.

The international sales bonanza has gone from being just the one day of deals to a week of spending.

Some retailers have gone as far as extending deals for the whole month, such as Pick n Pays' Black November.

According to the website Black Friday Global, in 2018 South Africa had a 1,952% increase in sales compared to an ordinary day of consumers in the country.

The most popular items on Black Friday are electronics, home appliances, clothing, shoes and groceries.

Consumer journalist Wendy Knowler has shared some advice for shoppers who plan on participating in the Black Friday frenzy:

  • Check online reviews and make sure you are purchasing from reputable online retailers
  • Compare the standard prices of items you want to buy with the Black Friday deals to see if there are genuine savings
  • Read up on the return policies applicable to online and in-store sales
  • Check how long the delivery period is
  • Exercise some restraint and be mindful of excessive or impulsive spending
  • Credit cards are the best option when shopping online and are the only ones insured in case of online fraud

Often the discounts are overstated. The retailers will manipulate the prices in months leading up to Black Friday to artificially state the extent of that saving.

Wendy Knowler, Consumer journalist

Online payment service provider PayGate says many online merchants have put in extra measures to ensure they are prepared for increased web traffic during the frenzy.

PayGate chief sales officer Brendon Williamson says shoppers need to take precautions when transacting online.

He offers the following advice to online shoppers:

  • Use only one designated bank card for online shopping
  • Reduce the transaction limit on that card
  • Look for online stores that allow the secure storage of your bank card information
  • Find out which online stores allow consumers to fill their shopping carts prior to the midnight sale

When a good deal is presented to a consumer, they tend to grab that.

Brendon Williamson, Chief Sales Officer at PayGate

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