Student seeks help to finish her LLB degree

250 days ago

The Afternoon Drive team has put out an appeal to listeners to assist LLB student Thando Mabuza.

Mabuza has been unable to secure the additional funding required to finish her degree and has apparently been squatting at a friend's place after being locked out of her room by her landlord.

Mabuza says she has been unable to study for her final exams due to this.

I have been trying to pay my accommodation, my mom is a single parent and she is taking care of seven other people. I can't expect her to pay every month. I don't even get an allowance from her cause the situation is that tight.

Thando Mabuza, LLB student

We came up with a way to get the R14,000 from January to August so from August to date we haven't paid anything and last week Thursday while I was writing my exam, the landlord came and they changed the locks to my room. So I can't by the end of the week it is either I go home or come up with a way to pay that R10,470 that they need so I can have access to my room.

Thando Mabuza, LLB student

It is hard, I am trying everyday to be ok and to be strong but it's not easy.

Thando Mabuza, LLB student

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This article first appeared on 702 : Student seeks help to finish her LLB degree



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