'Allan Gray made a huge difference to many, many clients'

314 days ago

He was so consistent between what he believed and how he acted. Often people talk but here was an individual who could walk that talk. He had incredible consistency in how he acted in the world.

Anthony Farr, CEO - Allan and Gill Gray Foundation

He’s made a huge difference for many, many clients. He was a strong believer that the reason for the business is to enhance people’s savings and create wealth for them… He was instrumental [in creating the investment philosophy at Allan Gray] …

Rob Formby, COO - Allan Gray

Allan Gray was more of a philosopher than a businessman, said Farr on Monday.

Gray died in Bermuda on Sunday after suffering a heart attack.

He was 81 years old.

Gray was one of South Africa’s greatest-ever philanthropists.

In 2013, he gave $130 million to fund talented, underprivileged South African scholars – the largest single donation to a charity ever in the country.

In 2016, he gave away his entire stake in Allan Gray for philanthropic purposes.

Allan Gray is Africa’s most valuable privately-owned asset management company.

The Money Show’s Bruce Whitfield interviewed Rob Formby, COO at Allan Gray.

Listen to the interview in the audio below (and scroll down for more quotes from it.)

Alan never really retired. He just changed focus. He was very much involved in his philanthropic endeavours [by the time of his death] …

Rob Formby, COO - Allan Gray

He felt philanthropy was an extension of a successful business…

Rob Formby, COO - Allan Gray

… donating the family’s entire holdings to the Allan and Gill Gray Foundation… is a testimony to how the family views philanthropy…

Rob Formby, COO - Allan Gray

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This article first appeared on 702 : 'Allan Gray made a huge difference to many, many clients'



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