Are men calling each other out? J'Something opens up about fatherhood

20 days ago

Son of a Son is a new podcast series that takes a closer look at how fatherhood makes better men. The thought-provoking series featuring well-known personalities, examines how fathers are dealing with evolving gender roles and, raising kinder, better men and strong, independent women. The eight-part podcast series is hosted by father of four, Kgabo Legora. Be moved by the growing archive hosted on Life podcasts.

In light of the tragic events of violence against women and children that continues to shake our country to its core, men are coming together to talk about shattering the patriarchal and misogynistic ideals that fathers are passing onto their sons.

Let's face it, our fathers were modeled on their fathers, who were modeled on their fathers – and, these examples represented strong, masculine men who stopped at nothing to provide for their families. Admirable? But, these men were also the same men who were absent in the rearing of their children... absent in the instilling of good values and, lessons that would become necessary in today's society.

So, how do we correct the damage that has been done and, prevent more women from becoming victims of abuse?

As the international “16 Days of Activism against Gender-Based Violence” campaign approaches, it is crucial for us to disrupt the toxic masculine superiority that plagues us and, threatens the freedom of women in South Africa.

In an exclusive interview with Kgabo Legora, MiCasa's J'Something opens up about his difficult upbringing with an abusive father and, talks about how it shaped him as father. Listen as he talks about the importance of men calling each other out and, having the conversations that matter.

The problem is that, if we don't connect with one another, one to one, man to man, we can't sharpen one another.

J'Something, Lead singer – MiCasa

How do I become better than my dad? Not to say what he did was wrong, not to say what he did was bad but, he did to the best of his ability and with whatever reference that he had.

Kgabo Legora, Photographer – MiCasa

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