We want our orders! - Irate Zando customers complain about delayed deliveries

61 days ago

Zando customers across the country are seeing red over the online retailer's failure to deliver orders on time.

Shoppers have flocked to social media, especially Facebook and Hellopeter, to post complaints about delayed orders.

Consumer journalist Wendy Knowler says Zando has seen a spike in complaints linked to orders placed in late November and early December that have not been delivered on time.

Up until Wednesday morning, the online retailer had not issued any official response to the barrage of complaints.

Many customers have relayed how emails, customer service calls and online queries have gone ignored.

Zando has now apologised for its delayed communication and claims that its customer service team is working tirelessly to provide feedback to customers.

However, Knowler says Zando fails to acknowledge route of its apparent backlog.

She says brands risk serous reputational damage when they don't communicate properly with customers.

Zando's managing director, Grant Brown,

Due to the high volumes of orders received over the Black Friday period, we, unfortunately, had a delay in delivering orders for some of our customers.

Grant Brown, MD - Zando

The large number of orders have, in turn, resulted in a high number of customer queries which has caused a backlog in our customer services department.

Grant Brown, MD - Zando

Below are some of the complaints posted on Facebook and Twitter: Click here for the latest Hello Peter reviews.

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