Nicholas Goliath: "There's just a lack of respect in the world"

273 days ago

Son of a Son is a new podcast series that takes a closer look at how fatherhood makes better men. The thought-provoking series featuring well-known personalities, examines how fathers are dealing with evolving gender roles and, raising kinder, better men and strong, independent women. The eight-part podcast series is hosted by father of four, Kgabo Legora. Be moved by the growing archive hosted on Life podcasts.

'Real men don't cry...' It's the all-too-familiar emotional shaming that boys have had to endure growing up with rigid fathers. It is only later in life, when repressed emotions and toxic masculinity begin to manifest as mental health issues that we realise how important it is for men to be in touch with their emotions.

As we unite against violence against women and children — it is important to understand toxic masculinity and its relationship to violence, as well as the dangers of raising sons with repression. For this reason, Nicholas Goliath believes in laying a solid foundation of respect in the rearing of his sons.

In this episode, comedian and father of two, Nicholas Goliath talks to Kgabo Legora about the terrifying realities that come with raising sons in an age where respect has been lost and, so many South African women are falling victim to gender based violence. Listen as he talks about teaching his sons to respect boundaries to ensure that they do not become perpetrators later in life.

For me, the fear is raising a girl in these times where there's no respect... because I've got boys, I've got to raise these boys so that they don't end up on the list. They've got to understand boundaries, they've got to understand how to treat a woman.

Nicholas Goliath, Comedian

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This article first appeared on 702 : Nicholas Goliath: "There's just a lack of respect in the world"



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