Meet the Durban doccie filmmakers who hitchhiked to LA to meet Ellen DeGeneres

259 days ago

South African cousins Luke MacDonald and Jordan Deall rose to fame when they backpacked from Durban to Los Angeles in a bid to meet Ellen DeGeneres.

The goal? To promote their ten-part documentary series, Hitched, in which they go in search of a mythical dinosaur in the Congo.

Along with their cameraman, the Durban-based duo hitchhiked from South Africa to the war-torn country in just 100 days.

Afterwards, they decided that the wanted to share their stories with the world. What better platform than to tell US talk show host Ellen DeGeneres about their adventure of a lifetime?

We had just finished studying at we literally had no money.

Luke MacDonald, Co-creator - Hitched Series

For the Congo trip, we took 97 lifts. We left from Durban and we literally caught everything from bicycles and bakkies to tuk-tuks and boats. Most of our trips don't involve too much planning.

Jordan Deall, Co-creator - Hitched Series

The serial hitchhikers went back on the road last year and travelled over 17 000 kilometres to meet DeGeneres, using #HeyEllen to garner attention online.

The pair say they didn't realise the magnitude of their mission and could only secure a seat in the audience when they arrived at the Warner Brothers Studios in November.

But they hugged and met with the talk show giant before the show. They were also put in contact with her producers to stay in touch about any future interview opportunities.

The Hitched Congo documentary series has since been aired on Discovery Channel (DSTV 121) and ShowMax. It's also available on the Hitched Series website.

We met with Ellen and now we're busy editing a couple of things and we'll send it through to the producers.

Jordan Deall, Co-creator - Hitched Series

We probably didn't realise what a big person she [Ellen DeGeneres] is to reach. We were probably a bit overconfident.

Luke MacDonald, Co-creator - Hitched Series

Someone from her team picked us up when we got to the United States. That morning was the first time Ellen had heard of us. She came and said hello.

Luke MacDonald, Co-creator - Hitched Series

But it's not the end of the road for these serial hitchhikers, in fact, it's only the beginning.

They have a new documentary in store for viewers and hope to capture more African travels in their own unique way.

We are just filmmakers who want to show Africa as authentically as we possibly can.

Jordan Deall, Co-creator - Hitched Series

Visit the Hitched Series website to learn more.

Listen to the discussion on Lunch with Pippa Hudson:

Thumbnail image: Hitched Series on Instagram

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