[LISTEN] Joburg, here are the finalists in our search for the #BestRibsInJoburg

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Who doesn't love a good rack of ribs, right? That's right.

After the amazing search for the #BestChocolateCakeInJoburg, the 947 Breakfast Club is back again to give Joburgers the best that Joburg has to offer and it obviously involves food - again😂

This year, we're in search of the #BestRibsInJoburg and things are h(m)eating up!

Here's what Joburgers have suggested so far...

It’s on! We are looking for the #BestRibsInJoburg. Tell us who makes the best ribs in Joburg and we’ll try them out and...

Posted by 947 Breakfast Club on Sunday, 19 January 2020

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Catch the team give us feedback and all the new suggestions during the week as we build up to the announcement of the prestigious title.

Listen to the suggestions coming through to the team in the audio clips below. Make your way over and try out some of these suggestions and let us know what you think about it...


Monday 27 January

Monday's finalists:

The Diner in Krugersdorp
The Rock at Design Quarter
Prego's in Blairgowrie

Who will be the first to make it into the #BestRibsInJoburg final?

Watch the team devour these ribs😂

#BestRibsInJoburg Today it's between The Diner, The Rock and Prego's

It’s on! We are looking for the #BestRibsInJoburg. You've told us who makes the best ribs and now we are trying them out to crown the most delicious ones. #947BreakfastClub

Posted by 947 on Sunday, 26 January 2020

#BestRibsInJoburg Who is our 1st finalist?

#BestRibsInJoburg Between The Diner, The Rock and Prego's who will our 1st finalist be? #947BreakfastClub

Posted by 947 on Sunday, 26 January 2020

Listen to the full moment below...

3rd: The Rock
2nd: Prego's

In 1st position, Kirsten's team at The Dine r is the first winner to go into Friday's big finale! Congratulations, team!

Check out their website and find out more about their delicious ribs and weekly specials.

Tuesday 28 January 2020

Tuesday's Finalist:

Family Kitchen in Newlands
Urban Grill and Smokehouse in Braamfontein
Thunder Gun in Beyers Naude and Lewisham Road

Who will be the second restaurant to make it into the #BestRibsInJoburg final?

Watch the team engulf these ribs.

#BestRibsInJoburg Who is the 2nd finalist going to be?

Family Kitchen, Thunder Gun Steakhouse and The Urban Grill and Smokehouse are our contestants for the #BestRibsInJoburg today on the 947 Breakfast Club. Who is gonna take it? Don't forget that you can get 10% off your ribs today from any of these resturants - just say 947 sent you

Posted by 947 on Monday, 27 January 2020

And the winner is...


with Family Kitchen and Urban Grill and Smokehouse in at second place.

Wednesday 29 January 2020

Wednesday's finalists:

Smokin’ Joe’s Rib Shack (Magaliesig, Fourways)
Harlem Kitchen (Craighall & Fourways Gardens)
Tin Cup Driving Range & Restaurant (Rietvlei Zoo Farm, Johannesburg South)

Who will be the third restaurant to make it into the #BestRibsInJoburg final?

Watch the video below and the team got down and dirty with some of Joburg's best ribs...

#BestRibsInJoburg Who will our 3rd finalist be? 947 Breakfast Club is about to reveal - Tin Cup Restaurant & Driving Range, Harlem kitchen Craighall or Smokin Joe's Rib Shack

Posted by 947 on Tuesday, 28 January 2020

If you go to Tun Cup or Harlem Grill tonight (Wednesday night), tell them you heard about them on 947 and you will be able to get a 10% discount on your ribs.

If you go to Smokin' Joe's Rib Shack on Thursday night, tell them you heard about them on 947 and you will be able to get a 10% discount on your ribs.

3rd place: Smokin’ Joe’s Rib Shack
2nd place: Tin Cup Driving Range & Restaurant

Wednesday's winner is...

Harlem Kitchen in Craighall and Fourways Gardens!


Listen to the full moment below...

Thursday, 30 January 2020

Thursday's Finalists

It's a race between these three restaurants to secure second last position in the final

Calisto's (Atlas Road)
The Crow Bar (Little Falls)
Smoke Daddy's Cedar Square (Sandton)

Watch the team devour these ribs...

#BestRibsInJoburg Who is our 4th finalist

Who is our 4th finalist in the #BestRibsInJoburg with 947 Breakfast Club . Don't forgt that you can 10% of your ribs if you visit anyone of these resturants today: Calisto's, The Crow Bar and Smoke Daddy's Cedar Square

Posted by 947 on Wednesday, 29 January 2020

And the fourth finalist is Calisto's on Atlas Road... with Smoke Daddy's in Cedar Square following in second place and The Crow Bar in third place

Listen to the full moment below...

Friday, 31 January 2020

Friday's Finalists:

It's a race to the top as the 947 Breakfast Club announces the last finalist in the #BestRibInJoburg challenge.

Watch the team eat the last ribs on air...

#BestRibsInJoburg Day 5

Vini's - Bedfordview, The Wing Republic, The Smoking Ribs are on the table today for the #BestRibsInJoburg with #947BreakfastClub

Posted by 947 on Thursday, 30 January 2020

3rd place: The Smoking Ribs in Honeydew
2nd place: Wing Republic in Braamfontein

And the winner is... Vini's in Bedforview.

Listen to the audio below to hear how Day 5 unfolded...

Congratulations to all our contestants. These the top five finalists

  1. The Diner (Krugersdorp)
  2. Thundergun (Beyers Naude and Lewisham Road)
  3. Harlem Kitchen (Craighall and Fourways Garden)
  4. Calisto's (Atlas Road)
  5. Vini's Restaurant (King Road in Bedfordview)

What's the #BestRibsInJoburg all about? Listen below...

Best Ribs in Joburg Top 5

The Diner in Krugersdorp

The Diner in Krugersdorp opened in October 2014. They are a family restaurant serving patrons quality meals at affordable prices.

Their main selling item is ribs, supplied by Lynca Meats. The ribs are boiled in house for approximately one hour using a special blend of herbs and spices. The ribs are then cut into 1kg or 500g portions, marinated, vacuum packed and refrigerated for two days for maximum flavour and tenderness. Finally, they are grilled and basted on order for plus - minus 10-15 minutes

Their legendary special 1kg Ribs @ R129 runs on Mondays and Thursdays. Their extensive menu offers something for everyone including wet aged/ dry aged meat, fish, burgers, pastas as well as vegan options. They are located at 244 Voortrekker road.


Based at the corner of Beyer’s Naude Drive and Lewisham Road in Blackheath, Thundergun is 52 years old this year. They have been in the same place since they opened their doors in 1968.They believe in consistency, quality and good service.

They’ve had a consistent recipe for many of their products over many years and always believe that the quality of the product is what contributes to the end result.

They prepare their ribs from raw using a special blend of spices and cook it in their huge pots on site.The ribs are then prepared using two sauces, utilizing their secret ingredients before sending it out to their custom

Harlem Kitchen

Harlem Kitchen is a small family business employing 10 wonderful people at their Craighall and Fourways Gardens stores. They opened their doors in 2017.

The owner Michael Barker, and his daughter Devon, have a love for food. Michael loves fast food. They design food that whilst fast, is fresh and delicious, using many of their own homemade sauces.

The ribs are marinated in a homemade secret, very, very secret sauce and cooked in an oven at low temperatures before being grilled on the open wood fire where it is constantly scrutinized and artistically marinated until the Chef is satisfied that the ribs are cooked through and are soft, juicy and have a slight char to add that final crunch.

They love what they do and relish in the opportunity to share this love.

Calistos Atlas Junction

Calisto’s Atlas Junction, located in Benoni, are the new kids on the block and have been open for 9 months. The restaurant was formed by two sets of brothers, who are first cousins.

Calisto’s Atlas Junction is a Halaal certified family restaurant with a diverse menu specializing in authentic Portuguese flame grilled chicken, seafood and meat.

At Calisto’s, they are passionate about flavour and cuisine. Not only do they cater for the Muslim community but everyone. The restaurant is family friendly, spacious and boasts a seating of +- 300 people including an indoor kiddie’s play area. They strive toward serving customers great food, using the freshest, finest ingredients and a whole lot of love.

Their famous beef ribs are “A” grade and of the finest quality meat. Marinated in the signature Calisto’s Portuguese spice as well as secret spices they’ve mastered along the way. Slow cooked until tender and then char grilled to melt-in-your-mouth perfection on an open flame. Finished off with perfect sauce-to-meat ratio of our signature BBQ basting. A totally Tender, Juicy, Flavorful experience, they say.

Motto: Calisto’s Atlas Junction - serving up bags of flavour, ambience and an overall authentic dining experience.

Vini's Restuarant

Vini’s is an Italian restaurant with a dash of continental and cosmopolitan and was opened by Elaine and Billy Anderson in 1992 whom both did their training in hotel school and hotels in Scotland before emigrating to South Africa. It is currently run by Billy and his son and the company head chef, Marc, and daughter Kirstie as front of house general manageress and customer relations.

About 70% of their staff have been with the family for over 25 years. When opening Vini’s in Elaine and Billy were looking for a catchy easy to remember Italian name and right at that time the big movie on the circuit was “ My cousin Vini “ with Joe Pesci and there the name was born that is still trading strongly 28 years later in the same family .

The restaurant becomes very busy but they have strived to keep it airy and spacious. For those that like the outdoors, they have a stunning Italian style patio dining area with candles. Italian water features and murals and olive trees. The lively bustling atmosphere is further enhanced on a Saturday night and Sunday lunch with live musicians which make it an ideal setting to celebrate a birthday or a special occasion.

Although Vini’s is in essence an Italian restaurant, their menu dares to cross over the Italian borders to incorporate other country’s cuisines to keep the menu interesting and different and one of those dishes which they have become famous for are, pork ribs.

The Ribs recipe comes from the old steakhouse chain “Late Nite Al’s“, that Billy had a short spell with before opening Vini’s. They par boil the ribs each day for the next day and leave them to marinate overnight in their homemade marinate. The next day, to order, they charcoal grill the ribs in their homemade basting (both marinade and basting recipes is an in family secret they do not divulge) They prepare between 50kg and 100 kg’s of ribs a day depending on the season and day of the week . The home made marinade recipe has a secret ingredient that makes the ribs very tender and fall of the bone and the basting has a couple family secret ingredients that give their ribs the unique taste that their customers have enjoyed for over quarter of a century.

The whole Vini’s family would like to take this opportunity to wish the other 14 contestants all the best both in your #BestRibsinJoburg completion and in future business.

They’re full of laughs, loud and impossible not to love. In fact, you’re going to be obsessed with them. They’re the 947 Breakfast Club, and you’re more than welcome to join the club every Monday to Friday from 06:00 to 09:00. Every morning Anele, Frankie, Thembekile, Alex, and Cindy will give Joburg a wakeup call and a massive dose of madness that will make sure you have one insane start to the day.

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