Fresh & Euphonik unite to provide advice if you're looking to invest in property

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We know him as Euphonik, Themba, and Themba Nkosi.

His name is synonymous around the world with house music and his passion for property. He's also the host of 947's dance show euNITE, which lights up the airwaves every Sunday evening from 18:00 to 20:00.

The artist and businessman joined his long-standing friend - and the only person who can get away with dragging him on Twitter - DJ Fresh, and the #FreshOn947 team to chat about his newest television show, Property Matters.

Property Matters premiered on 27 January 2020 on eNCA (DStv channel 403).

We just had to get some of the formalities out the way...

An interview on Fresh's show. It took _you_ long enough to get here, Fresh!

Euphonik, artist and businessman

If you sat around the table with your parents as a black person, talks of property and investments were not common talk around the dinner table.

Euphonik, artist and businessman

Besides deejaying, I've also had this interest with spaces. I wanted to have something after the DJ life and wanted to invest my money without losing the capital.

Euphonik, artist and businessman

Let's talk about the first property we invested in together. It was a bachelor pad in Auckland Park. Tennants can be so problematic, but we eventually made a profit on it.

DJ Fresh, #FreshOn947

The team also opened up the lines to share some advice with those looking to invest in property and those looking for advice on their current investment.

Looking for advice on levies:
When levies have doubled, here's what to do...

Two years ago the municipality relooked property values. Your property price doubled as a result of municipality property prices or the body corporate of where you lived doubled the levies. You can either call the City of Joburg if you live in Joburg or contact the body corporate and find out why your levies have doubled.


On whether it's still important to invest in property right now as a first-time buyer...

It's currently a buyers market so property is really cheap. Its' going to get more expensive. When you're looking to buy a property you need to look at your life and your lifestyle; are you dating someone, are you looking to get married in the near future, do you want to stay in your current province for a long time?


I would advise a first-time buyer to get a property that you can get a tenant to occupy straight away.


On how to find out information about properties in a particular area...

Speak to the agents in the area or go to [WinDeed]( and [Lightstone Searches]( This will tell you about houses that have sold in a particular street and how much they sold for. All the _information is out there, so you just need to ask for it, _


Before you start looking, it's important to find out what you can afford before you start looking. You can then get pre-qualified and get a pre-qualification certificate that says what you can afford to buy.


It's really important to understand the jargon used in contracts and to understand what you're agreeing to when you sign any documentation.


On how to get a favourable interest rate on your home loan...

When you're looking to buy a house, you put in an offer to purchase and get it signed off by the seller and hen you go to the bank to get a home loan. When the bank comes back to offer the bond grant, it comes with an interest rate. Before you sign off, ask them to look at a better interest rate from other institutions. Most times, your own bank won't give you the best interest rate, so they will check around with various banks and find you the best interest rate available.


About 5 or 6 years ago, my own bank stabbed me in the back.

DJ Fresh

The reason Euphonik has started this television show is because he was frustrated at all the mistakes he was making. He was either too scared to ask or the information was not out there.

I've tried to make this show as simple as possible for someone looking to buy their first home.

Euphonik, Property Matters host

Property Matters airs every Monday at 09:55 on eNCA and repeats twice a day.

There are 13 episodes fo you to find out all you can about buying property.

There are a lot of really great bits of information if you're interested in buying property!

Listen to the full interview below and download the podcast..


He often shares valuable advice on social media, so follow Euphonik on Twitter @euphonik if you would like to stay up to date with what's happening in the property market.


Catch the #FreshOn947 team every weekday from 15:00 - 19:00 on 947.The sound of incredible music to keep you company, his signature laugh and a team of absolute gems. Fresh, alongside his team Mantsoe Pout, and Shannon.

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