New from Life Podcasts: Could astrology predict what lies ahead for you?

186 days ago

Astrology Predictions for 2020 is a podcast series published by Life Podcasts, and hosted by astrologer and sangoma, Rod Suskin. The series takes a look at what the charts reveal about what lies ahead for each of the zodiac signs. If you're curious and wish to see if what you're experiencing in your life might align with your star sign โ€“ this series is perfect for you. Subscribe to find your star sign as well as those of your friends and family.

Astrology is having it's moment right now. Could it's resurgence be a form of comfort in a time of so much uncertainty?

We're living in an age where spirituality is taking centre-stage over religious conformity โ€“ a pendulum movement away from traditional religion and, into a world wherein "the enlightened" are guided by their intuition, spiritual beliefs and astrology.

Are they onto something... Should we all be searching for meaningful answers in the stars? Astrology is a subject that, for some, plays a profound role in their lives while skeptics tend to dismiss it as superstition.

No matter what you believe, this podcast will help you strengthen your belief for astrology or against it โ€“ either way, there's something to learn.

For those that are new to the subject, Rod Suskin provides a brief introduction, history and explanation of how astrology works.

Wondering what's in store for South Africa in 2020? Rod Suskin runs through his astrology predictions for the country as a whole.

Astrologer, Rod Suskin shares what the charts reveal about the year ahead for you and your loved ones. His astrology is grounded firmly in the tradition and ancient principles but contextualized in the modern world with the modern practice of astrology.

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