#FreshOn947 ask Joburgers how their daily lives have been affected by COVID-19

13 days ago


With so much happening in SA and around the world, it's no secret that all our lives have been affected in some way. The #FreshOn947 asked Joburgers how the pandemic has affected their lives.

How has your life changed in the 24-hours since President Cyril Ramaphosa's address to the nation regarding COVID-19?


One of my worries was cancelled gigs, but I'm more concerned about other people in the entertainment industry who don't have other jobs. For instance, I have radio; radio is my 9 to 5 so I can afford to lose gigs and still be okay. For the cleaning lady at a club, that is her wage for the week. For a lot of people, this means that your life changes.

DJ Fresh, #FreshOn947

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Here's how some lives have been changed:

  • I'm an educator and teachers still have to work on Friday and I'm not sure what we will be required to do.
  • I teach at a private school and we cannot close because it's a business. We're figuring out ways to assume lessons online and do tests online. We might have to do live lectures and live streaming.

Half the meetings we have, we don't need to be in the same room. Video conferencing has never been so popular because it's now becoming an option. It could become the status quo, though.

DJ Fresh, #FreshOn947

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For schools it's necessary to have people meet in person, but being forced into video conferencing when our country isn't ready for it is a problem. Your DJ bookings, Fresh, can be done over WhatsApp - there's no need to be breaking bread.

Mantsoe, #FreshOn947

  • Can someone investigate how courts are to remain open? I'm in the legal profession and we should be closing but that's not happening.

The justice system can't stop! We received a text that the Joburg High Court sent a directive that only urgent matters will be attended to. Normal court will resume on 14 April 2020.

Mantsoe, #FreshOn947

  • I have to get tested because I was in Spain and Germany and I have to stay away from my children.
  • They were charging R2 for a second towel at gym. We have to take 2nd towels to the gym.
  • my wedding venue has moved my wedding venue to next year!
  • My little sister has her matric dance on Thursday and after all the payments the dance has been postponed.

  • There's no traffic this afternoon.
  • The tourism industry and not knowing if we will have a job in a week!

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