MENTAL HEALTH: Be with people who'll be part of your support and calming system

139 days ago

COVID-19 may be causing anxiety for some.

Azania Mosaka spoke to Khosi Jiyane to find out more on how to cope through the outbreak and throughout the 21 day lockdown scheduled for Thursday.

Jiyane says most people are navigating through rough seas as things remain uncertain.

We don't know when this is going to end so in our minds there isn't a sense of comfort that says just bite the bullet only just this long.

Khosi Jiyane, Clinical psychologist

It is interesting that we are talking about 21 days because psychologically 21 days is the time that it takes generally to calculate new habits ... it gives us the time for this reality to sink in and we may be stretched after that to dig even deeper for more of ourselves to be able to continue to navigate the rough seas.

Khosi Jiyane, Clinical psychologist

If you suffer from a mental illness and take medication, Jiyani says, one should make sure that they obtain a repeat script from their healthcare professional.

Ask for a repeat script so that you have enough supply because that will help contain you. You would rather have more than less.

Khosi Jiyane, Clinical psychologist

Make contact with your professional caregiver and make arrangements for what kind of remote communication you can have. Set up a plan so that you don't find yourself panicking.

Khosi Jiyane, Clinical psychologist

If it may potentially become that you can't live with yourself, make sure that you can move and be with people who will be able to become part of your support and calming system.

Khosi Jiyane, Clinical psychologist

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