Online alcohol sales skyrocket

353 days ago

Liquor stores and wineries are gearing for happy hour online as thirsty customers with itchy credit cards are ready to get out the blocks.

We've seen the unprecedented increase in sales and orders, we can't actually complete...we cannot deliver wine unfortunately. We've been running an online wine shop for ten years now and April has been the best ever - May has already doubled that and we're only halfway through. We've also launched a new business about six months ago which is a direct-to-consumer-shopping environment for wine producers, they drive their own sales through it and we handle the logistics. We've launched over 30 shops in the last six months and we've seen a massive up in sales in that as well - it allows the producer to drive things better. We can almost not keep up with the number of wineries who want to have shops and also the sales coming through.

Judy Brower -

About half of our orders are people who want to be front of the queue. So we're certainly hoping on the first of June we can start shipping.

Judy Brower -

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