The way you draw an “X” says a lot about your personality

41 days ago

How do you draw an X? Twitter user @smasey posed this simple question to her followers with a graphic that showed eight different variations of X's.

The viral tweet made its way to The Oprah Magazine where they commissioned certified master handwriting analyst Kathi McKnight to break down what your X-writing style says about your personality.

Here's what she had to say!


If you draw your X with two reverse strokes, starting from the lower right, Kathi says that it indicates that while you may want to move forward, you have both feet stuck in the past.


If you draw both lines moving forward, yet starting in reverse—from bottom left, then the bottom right—you are a renegade.

Like number 1, you have a strong desire to slingshot yourself out of your past and move forward, yet the past still has its grips on you.


If you draw your X with reversed strokes—starting top right—Kathi says it means you are a rebel without a cause.


Drawing your second stroke the "normal" way—top right to bottom left—implies that while you're trying to focus on the future a part of you is still tempted to go backwards - Kathi compares it to always looking in a rearview mirror.


Drawing the first half of this X from the top right to bottom left and the second from bottom left to the top right in the reverse direction reveals that you're a nonconformist.


If you start your stroke from the bottom left, and out of order, you are a trendsetter—and you own it.


Kathi reveals going from left to right indicates that you don't tend to stray from the norm—and you like order and balance.


If you start from the top right, you prefer to think outside of the box.

How do you draw the letter X? Did Kathi get your personality right?

Source: The Oprah Magazine

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