[PICS] Mopping up underway after CT storm wreaks havoc

137 days ago

The City of Cape Town's Disaster Risk Management Centre(DRMC) says it's received a flood of calls related to the trail of damage left by the storm.

Most residents have reported uprooted trees blocking roads, roofs that are blown off, power outages caused by fallen trees, and localised flooding due to blocked drains.

The City says areas with a high risk of flooding include those adjacent to canals or stormwater systems that get blocked due to littering and dumping as well as areas where structures are built near retention ponds, wetlands or in low-lying areas.

The City's JP Smith has urged residents to help mitigate the risk of flooding around their homes, by ensuring that gutters are cleaned regularly and that any potential obstructions are removed.

In informal areas, Smith advises residents to dig trenches around their structures so that water can be diverted.

City services are well prepared to deal with storm damages during the winter.

JP Smith, Mayoral committee member - Safety and security at City of Cape Town

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