947 Joburg Gems: Hennops Hiking Trail – the doorstep of Joburg and Pretoria

171 days ago


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We are back with yet another Joburg Gem with the 947 Crew driven by Suzuki.

Noni and Melody were out at the Hennops Hiking Trail just outside Joburg. The Crew had their masks on and sanitizers in hand and were ready for a beautiful morning adventure.

As they walked in, the Crew was welcomed by a gigantic green chalkboard that read as follows:

The trek began and the Crew decided to embark on the Dassie trail which is 2.5km in distance. The trail usually takes 1-2 hours, but it took Noni and Melody 3 hours because they decided to have a full-blown photoshoot at every picturesque moment. If you are however looking for a more challenging trail, you can try the Zebra trail or Krokodilberg trail which are 5km and 10km, respectively. Hennops also offers a mountain bike trail (mtb) of 5km/18km - 38km as well as an off-road trail, Zonkie.

As Noni and Melody walked the trail, they came across so many breathtaking moments. Not only was the hike scenic, but it also has a rich history. The features that stood out the most from the hiking trail were the suspension bridge and the cable car.

The beauty of the Henopps Hiking Trail is that it is suitable for the whole family and no bookings are required. For hiking, adults are charged R100 to enter, while school-going children are charged R50. Children in pre-school and below enter free of charge and the price for the Mtb trail is R50.

At the end of the hike, the Crew found themselves out of breath but delighted to have come full circle and be back where they started from. If you are tired of being locked up at home and are looking for a safe outdoor experience, check out Hennops Hiking Trail!

To find out more, enter Hennops Hiking and Mtb trail on google maps. You can also visit www.hennopstrails.co.za, www.facebook.com/hennopshiking and www.facebook.com/hennopsmtbtrail.




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