#FreshDeeds: Fresh On 947 shows love for Pula Khutsong Community Garden

12 days ago


Do you know a South African doing extraordinary things? Is it you? Tell us about it, because even superheroes need a helping hand.

Every Thursday, the #FreshOn947 team takes some time out to acknowledge an individual giving their time to help make our country better. These are the selfless people who do their part to help those in need or provide a service that helps improve the lives of others.

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We received the following:

Nominator: Lesley Msekeli Daniels

I would like to nominate Pula Khutsong Community Gardens in the West Rand. We are a newly formed organization made of pensioners. Our aim is to alleviate poverty and maintain a healthy lifestyle by growing vegetables for our households and the community at large. We need assistance with the following material: Gardening tools, PPE, seeds, fertilizers, and a laptop with a printer for admin purposes.

Here's what happened when the Fresh On 947 team called in some of their friends...

What they will get:
- Safety footwear & overalls & socks for the guys from Kaliber Safety Footwear

From Ball Straathof they get the following:

We have decided to pledge 60 packets of Kirchhoffs seeds,
Kirchhoffs strives to educate gardeners on companion planting as this ultimately leads to a decrease in the need for pesticides and poisons which is harmful to the environment, for this reason, we have decided to supply 30 x vegetable packets, 15 x herb packets, and 15 x flower packets.

They also donated the following items:
12 x Garden Hand Tools (3 sets)
30 x Sowing Trays (12 Cavity)
2 x Ludwig's Vigorosa Fertilizer (4,5kg each)
1 x Margaret Roberts Organic Insecticide (500ml)
1 x Copper Count-N (200ml)
x 5 Twist Tie Rolls
x 2 Fluoro Tape
x 6 T-Lables (pack of 10)
1 x Rain Gauge
1 x Anvil Pruner
1 x Bypass Pruner

They have also arranged for Pula Khutsong to go through to their site for a day and have our team advise them on the most efficient way to set up their garden beds to get the most out of their crops.

The seed donation can also be split in two, so if they would prefer receiving half for this season and the rest of the donation for the next season, we are more than willing to make two separate deliveries to them.

Also, they will receive the following:

Refurbished notebook, a desktop, 3G modem and a printer from Go Rentals

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Thank you to Go Rentals, Ball Straathof (Kirschoffs), and Kaliber

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