#FreshDeeds, Sorbet make life a little better for Jonathan & Thobeka

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Do you know a South African doing extraordinary things? Is it you? Tell us about it, because even superheroes need a helping hand.

Every Thursday, the #FreshOn947 team takes some time out to acknowledge an individual giving their time to help make our country better. These are the selfless people who do their part to help those in need or provide a service that helps improve the lives of others.

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We received the following nominations:

Hi Team.

Great job you are doing. God Bless you most!

I would like to Nominate Thobeka Selahle, a new & first-time mom and Nanny for our kids during these trying times. She had her first baby this year in February and has never enjoyed being a first-time mom due to COVID-19 and lockdown. She has been taking care of my son and his cousin, who are both 3-years-old, and a handful.

Plus, her now 5-month-old baby. I feel she is overwhelmed as she takes care of 3 kids while we were working from home, and now that we are back at the offices, it’s crazy. All I am asking is if you could kindly assist me by just getting her to get some massage therapy and buy her some flowers and chocolate just to show her appreciation.

I work for a non-profit organisation in the exhibition industry and because we don't have any shows, we don't have any income, as a result, we got salary cuts; plus, we don't even earn that much. So, I would really appreciate it if you could help me book her for a massage therapy and get her mind off the kids for a day, let her relax and rest. She loves kids.

Thank you kindly.

Hi Fresh and team.

I would like to nominate my husband for #FreshDeeds. He is an unbelievable husband, world’s greatest dad and best friend to us all.

With this Virus being so rough on everyone he has had a difficult time as a musician to try and bring home an income. We are 8 months pregnant with three other kids and he's asthmatic, so I have pleaded with him not to go out and play with his friends making ama-piano beats.

We are struggling a bit and he is feeling the pressure to go play outside, as baby arrives soon.

I am asking for a special Thursday Fresh deed. He needs a recording mic in order to work from home. His laptop is also a bit tattered but he keeps assuring me that all he needs for now is a mic. Unfortunately, what I earn during this time only covers food and sometimes rent, so I cannot help him.

If you could find it in your hearts to assist this treasure I’m trying to keep from harm, I will be greatly blessed.

Thank you, Ray

The Fresh On 947 team chatted to our friends over Sorbet to find out if they could help us out and, of course, they did - because they're amazing like that.

Here's what they did for our wonderful nominees, Jonathan and Thobeka.

Listen to the beautiful moments below...

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