Police arrest 4 suspected members of Rolex gang in Bedfordview

25 days ago

JOHANNESBURG – Four suspects were arrested in Bedfordview on Thursday evening in connection with high-end jewellery robberies outside hotel, apartments, and conference venue, The Nicol.

It is understood original members of the Rolex gang were apprehended, but police were yet to confirm this.

The group has been known to terrorise civilians across Johannesburg, carrying out crimes ranging from hijackings and targeting residents at gunpoint.

There was a heavy police presence at The Nicol following what police called a lengthy and thorough operation. The scene was blocked off while several police keep guard.

While officers remained tight-lipped, it is understood two vehicles and two firearms were seized.

One of the vehicles was used to target victims and another was hijacked earlier this month.

Eyewitness News saw two of the suspects being placed in the back of a police van, while the other two were restrained on the ground with their faces covered.

The suspects were expected to be taken to the Bedfordview police station.

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This article first appeared on EWN : Police arrest 4 suspected members of Rolex gang in Bedfordview



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