[LISTEN] 947 Breakfast Club and NutriDay reach out to Andiswa build her business


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[LISTEN] 947 Breakfast Club and NutriDay reach out to Andiswa build her business


The 947 Breakfast Club received a really heartbreaking, but inspirational, email from Andiswa.

Andiswa, 26, walked away from a very abusive relationship and reached out (with solutions) to the team for some assistance.

Here's the e-mail we received:

HI team

I am a 26-year-old domestic violence survivor.

A mother and a sole provider of 3 beautiful kids. I recently managed to escape a very abusive relationship which I held on to for years because of having nowhere to go. I realised that it was better to run for my life than to die and leave my kids to suffer the same circumstances and struggles like me because of growing up with no parents. It hasn’t been easy but after a full year of struggling with no source of income at all, I managed to get a baking learnership by God's grace.

Even though the stipend is not enough to cover all the needs but my kids do not go to bed on empty stomachs. The learnership is due to end soon and my greatest fear is not being able to provide for my kids again. I shouldn’t be alive and it is still by the grace of the Lord that I live and I do not want to go back to the abusive relationship just because I cannot take care of my kids' needs.

I have acquired excellent baking skills. All I need is an oven and some baking equipment in order to bake good quality products and sell them for a fair profit - which will ensure that my family has an income to live on. I also need a sewing overlocker machine as I am also able to construct garments from start to finish. The required equipment will help feed my family, educate my kids, and ensure that they have a roof on top of their heads.

My long term goal is to open my own bakery and a clothing boutique where I can also help women claim back their lives, provide a better future for their kids as well as make the best out of being the victims of circumstances like my self.

Thank you,

We called in some friends of ours to help us help Andiswa after we found out about the incredible inititiave between NutriDay and The Clothing Bank.

Here's what it's about...

Women are the backbone of their communities and the heartbeat of this nation. Inspired by this, NutriDay has partnered with The Clothing Bank, to help uplift women, many of whom are mothers, from situations of poverty and unemployment to financial independence and business ownership.

The reason this jumped out at me is that you know when someone sends you an email with a problem but also comes up with their own solution to the problem? As 947, that's what we do. We like to come behind people and who say that they have a plan but they just need a push up the hill.


I have two girls and one boy; aged 8,6, and 2.


I just looked at my kids and imagined how I grew up and realised that if they were to grow up without any parents they would have to go through the same situation.


We are very glad that you left there and you know exactly what you need.

Anele, 947 Breakfast Club

We chatted to Fatima Tayob, Senior Brand Manager at NutriDay.

We do what we do because we're inspired by the friends of mothers. Much like Andsiwa, no matter how many obstacles they've faced in their own lives they do what they can do for their kids.

We chatted to Fatima Tayob, NutriDay., Senior Brand Manager

We heard you story Andiswa and we are absolutely moved, Andiswa. We want to sponsor you R10,000 towards building your business. We wish you all of the best!

We chatted to Fatima Tayob, NutriDay., Senior Brand Manager


I'm sorry that I can't speak at the moment - I'm really emotional. I'm going to buy myself a baking oven and a few baking utensils. I'm also going to buy myself a sewing overlock machine.


Thank you so much to the 947 Breakfast Club and the team at NutriDay for making this an incredibly special moment in Andiswa's life and for the work they're doing for the community!

Here's how you can help NutriDay continue with this beautiful initiative...

Image: NutriDay

  • 50 cents of each NutriDay Strength Pack (The beautiful Purple one) 1kg yoghurt sold will be donated to The Clothing Bank.

  • The Clothing bank empowers previously unemployed women to become financially and socially independent by providing the tools to start and run a sustainable business

  • Get your NutriDay Strength Pack (The beautiful Purple one) 1kg yoghurt and support this worthy initiative today.

Visit their website for more information by clicking here.

Visit the NutriDay Strength Pack page.

Image: NutriDay


Listen to the powerful moment below and download the podcast...

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