Adcock Ingram OTC, Fresh Deeds, and Joburg making a difference this HopeTOBER


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Adcock Ingram OTC, Fresh Deeds, and Joburg making a difference this HopeTOBER


Do you know a South African doing extraordinary things? Is it you? Tell us about it, because even superheroes need a helping hand.

Every Thursday, the #FreshOn947 team takes some time out to acknowledge an individual giving their time to help make our country better. These are the selfless people who do their part to help those in need or provide a service that helps improve the lives of others.

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Fresh Deeds is celebrating HopeTober. Brought to you by Adcock Ingram OTC on 947.

We received the following heartbreaking letter...

Hello Fresh on 947 team,

I would like to nominate my niece Ntando Nkomo.

She is a mother of a baby girl born prematurely at 25 weeks, at 700 grams who spent the first 8 months of her life at the hospital after about 14 operations and numerous procedures to correct issues with her breathing, heart and lungs. The baby has a trachea tube inserted on her and PEG (percutaneous endoscopic gastrostomy) a feeding tube. Ntando has faced numerous financial challenges due to the lockdown (the company she worked for had to close until December this year) and not even sure if they going to open or employ them again. She had to change her lifestyle completely as the baby needs her undivided attention.

The medical aid initially provided her with the 24-hour nurses to assist the baby. However due to no income, she could not sustain the medical aid and it was cancelled. Ntando had to be the one looking after the baby 24 hours with the baby on the machines and the routine that must be followed 100%.

The baby needs monthly vitamins and medication due to the secretions that she accumulates regularly due to the trachea tube. Ntando is under financial pressure with medical costs to keep the rented vent, humidifier, humidifier chamber, suction machine, SETS monitor plus the monthly supplies of PEG feeding syringes, breathing filters, suction catheter and much more. In addition to the above, she needs to get fresh fruit, vegetables (to blend to feed through the PEG tube), milk, and nappies for the baby. Now and then the baby must see the specialists which range from R1500 to R1800. I do assist whenever I can, especially with buying milk, nappies, and food for baby, but this has proven not to be enough.

Ntando is only 23 years old with permanent eye bags from insufficient sleep, but the love and commitment she has shown for others and this baby is overwhelming, she does not even think she looks exhausted. I would really appreciate any assistance for this young mom and baby and some temporal relief until she returns to work.

She will never say NO to assisting someone even when she looks exhausted. She is a superhero to many and to this little girl.

Thank you,
Victoria Pakoue

We contacted our incredible friends at Adcock Ingram OTC and they told us about their beautiful HopeTOBER campaign.

Adcock Ingram OTC and 947 are giving Victoria an amount of R2,500 and to Ntando an amount of R5,000 to help with expenses for the baby.


Joburg heard Ntando's story and man, did they come through!

Listen to the Joburgers come together and raise R30,900 for Ntando!


THANK YOU, Joburg!

We send well wishes and the best of luck to Ntando and Zawadi... 947 loves YOU!

Listen to the incredibly powerful moment below...


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