[LISTEN] Do you agree/disagree with Frankie's theory about real estate agents?


Preneil Pillay

407 days ago
[LISTEN] Do you agree/disagree with Frankie's theory about real estate agents?

According to the 947 Breakfast Club, nobody wants to be an estate agent, but they end up there…

Many estate agents - if not all - have had other jobs in their lives and later decided to become estate agents.

Do you agree with this?

What qualifications are needed to become an estate agent?

Very few people, excluding estate agents, know exactly what qualifies a person to become an estate agent in South Africa. The requirements have changed over the years, and more recently in 2008 by the publishing of regulations by the Minister of Trade and Industry as empowered under s33 of the Estate Agents Affairs Act of 1976, and determinations published by the Estate Agency Affairs Board (EAAB) in 2012. The current position in respect of new entrants into the market as estate agents is thus as follows:

  • Completion of a 12-month internship under the mentorship of a full status estate agent with no less than 4 years' experience

  • Completion of an NQF4 Further Education and Training Certificate in Real Estate with a Services SETA (SSETA) accredited training provider

  • Completion of a Professional Designation Examination (PDE), conducted by the EAAB

So, the team wanted to find out more...

“Hi, I’m an estate agent, but before this I was…”

I'm an estate agent and I've been working in the rental department for 8 years. I used to be a beauty therapist and I absolutely love my job. I grew up wanting to be an estate agent.

Charlene, Mulbarton, South of Johannesburg

I'm an intern and just finished my logbook. You only become a real estate agent once you have the NQF 4. You can sell houses under the umbrella of the principle but you can't sign your own deal. you can't be a full-blown estate agent until you've done your qualification. I didn't always want to be an estate agent - I didn't want my face on a dust bin. I'm enjoying it now and it's a really big level of satisfaction when you make the sale. We're not estate agents, we're property practitioners.

Mandy, West Of Johannesburg

Would you say that's the least amount of work you've had to do for the least amount of money?

Frankie, 947 Breakfast Club

Here's what the reaction to Frankie's theory was...

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