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Supp (short for Support) was an answer to a desperate need of finding a way for our home-grown stage and film artists to earn revenue. During COVID they had no means to generate an income and the road back to finding work is slow. Aside from this, our talent, in general, does not get the recognition or the reward they deserve for their hard work and skills. is essentially a platform which showcases local Short Films and viewers pay a small fee to watch the films. The more views, the more they can earn in royalties. As much as 65% of the revenue from these films goes directly to the artists.

The rest goes towards keeping the business afloat (admin, bank fees, website costs etc.). Supp is not about profits - it is about putting the focus where it belongs: on our talented filmmakers. We started the development of the site in May and launched to the film industry in September. We are building our film library and plan to go live to the public mid-December when we have a minimum of 99 film titles. All genres and languages are welcome but not all films are approved - we have guidelines to ensure we maintain a high standard to ensure viewers get their money's worth.

Visit their websitefor more information:

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