[Joburg Kindness] Andy Maqondwana shows some love to Anisa's mom


Preneil Pillay

224 days ago
[Joburg Kindness] Andy Maqondwana shows some love to Anisa's mom

Every weekday at 11:15, Andy highlights those. local superheroes making a difference in their communities. In every crisis, there's an opportunity for kindness and goodness to shine through. People from around the world have come together to share their acts of kindness and it's exactly what we all need right now!

Nominate someone who deserves a helping hand and a pamper now...

Anisa's mom is an absolute angel...

"Getting a box of kindness from Once Upon A Rhyme Books..."

Nicola has been doing incredible work and showing some kindness to our fellow South Africans in the East Rand of Joburg.

Listen to NIcola's beautiful moment with Andy and download the podcast...

Listen to these beautiful moments of kindness...


For more feel-good moments, tune in the Andy Maqondwana every weekday at 11:50 to hear beautiful moments of Kindness with Joburg Kindness.

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