[LISTEN] We wrapped up 12 Days of Joy 2020 and here's what you missed

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Joburg, we’ve read your stories… now Anele’s spreading joy all around the city you love.

You know we’re all about bringing you joy on 947. From the feel-good hits to the big wins we bring you. So this holiday season – we’re keeping the festive feels jolly with 12 days of nothing but joy!

If you need a little joy – send an email to <strong>anele@947.co.za</strong>. Tell us what you need help with and why or nominate someone who needs that help more than you and we could bring them a little more joy. 12 Days of Joy with Anele and the Club. 947 loves you

Here's what you missed on Anele and the Club's 12 Days of Joy campaign with our family at LottoStar!


We're so happy that we could be a part of it and bringing joy to Joburg! As LottoStar we love to give back. Over the 12 Days of Joy we've given over R350,000.

Maria, LottoStar


We've teamed up with our friends at Lottostar to help bring a little joy to some Joburgers this festive season. This was one of the most heartbreaking editions we had, but also a beautiful example of how people have come together during #COVID19 and life - in general.

We received an email from Lynette Smith. Lynette doesn't know this family, she’s never met them. She just stubbed across this story, and being a selfless angel among humanity she sent us this story, which she found online from Lindiwe:

My name is Lindiwe Mahlong, I am raising funds for Thato Motloung a 7 years old girl who was run over by a truck in November 2019. She is my neighbour's daughter and we live in Palm Springs south of Johannesburg.

My story is for a young girl who wishes to go back to school after being in an accident that led to her losing her leg. I want to help her parents raise money for her new school that is for special kids. She needs to go to a special school since she can't go back to her old school because she is now wheelchair-bound. She is a very smart girl, and it would really hurt me if I can't help with her dream of finishing school.

Raising this money will mean that Thato will have a normal life she had before the accident, where she will be back to school like other kids and be able to pursue her dreams.

So the fees for the school are as below:

School fees: R11,600 per annum
Hostel fees: R12,800
Transport (Fri & Sunday): R4,000

Total cost: R28,400

Here's what happened when we called to share some wonderful news...

From Anele and the Club, together with our family at LottoStar, they are giving Lindiwe the R28,400 to cover the school fees, hostel fees and transport.


We know there are other costs as well such as school uniform, stationery, and more, so they also gave her an additional R6,600 towards any other costs - bringing the total to R35,000.00.

We wish Thato the very best and we're eternally grateful for people like Lynette and Lindiwe.

947 loves you!


Good day Anele and the Team

I write this mail after hearing you spread joy on 947 and helping someone out that just needs some happiness.

And the only person I could think of was my wife, Tammy.

This year has been, to say the least, terrible on everyone. Especially my wife.

December 2019 - My wife experienced a miscarriage, we never knew how hard that was going to hit us, but it did... We were so excited to tell our daughter (3) that she was going to be a big sister but never had the chance. It was early stages and we didn't even get the chance to find out if we were having a boy or a girl.

Then early 2020 - My wife and I separated (a "TIME-OUT" so to speak, and tried to reset our lives) before "lockdown" became a catchphrase.

Once lockdown hit, we decided that I would come back so that it wasn't too difficult for our child.

During this time, we hashed things out and regained our love for one another and I am happy to say - stronger than EVER before and very much in love.X

But that is where the happiness ended...

On 1st of August 2020 after a braai with friends, her mom (a paraplegic), and a saint amongst humanity, became non-responsive and suddenly succumbed to what we believe was a heart attack. And having to share the news with our daughter was even more heart wrenching - Granny's little angel... Suffice to say my wife still has not been able to deal with her passing as she is also a self-employed super mom.

Then, late October 2020 - My wife was diagnosed with early signs of PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome) - taking into account all that has happened the last 11 months and she did not have her mom around anymore for advice, it didn't go down too well. Yet we are taking each day as it comes and are thankful for what we have.

With all of this going on, she has never taken a break from work, sacrificing family time with our daughter and friends and just downright hustling she even started another company! She blows me away!... She keeps herself so busy that she doesn't have time to actually deal with life.

Now with December coming, it's our first Christmas without her mom - funds ridiculously low, I don't know what to expect... I don't even know where to begin.

What I do know though, is that my wife needs a holiday or a girls weekend, ANYTHING really that can help her release emotion - de-stress, debrief herself and come back to grips with life and look to the future with new purpose... So that she can be the best version of her I know that she can be!

Anything that can bring her some happiness after this atrocious year...

Yours in consideration,
Ben Smith

Here's what happened when we made the call to tell Tammy the good news...

We couldn't agree more that Tammy needed some time off, so the wonderful Anele and the Club and our family at LottoStar are giving Tammy a R20,000 girls' weekend to a destination of their choice.


"Hi Anele and Team,

I'd like to nominate my nephew, Lethabo. He is 1 year and 9 months old. His mother (my sister) passed away in July. I haven't got enough money to assist him as much as I wish I could. I have two sons of my own (4 months & 2 years old) and I am not working. He needs clothes, he still wears his clothes from newborn, meaning he still wears clothes from 3-to-6 months. I hurt to see him wearing small clothes and he is growing.

Anele can you be his mother Christmas and Frankie be his father Christmas and help him?

Thank you,
Lebohang C Radebe"

We admire Lebohang so much for taking on this responsibility and we know just how expensive raising a child can be, so Anele and the Club and Lottostar wanted to bring some joy to Lebohang's festive season.

We are gifting Lebohang a R20,000 for her and her young children.

Listen to the beautiful moment below...

Thank you so much to Anele and the Club and Lottostar for bringing joy to so many people during the festive season and beyond. We wish Lebo and her kids a joyous festive season and we hope we took some of the pressure away.


Anele received the following email from Rebecca.

It's such a pleasure to be emailing you. My mom (Antoinette) had a stroke in December 2017 and she is disabled and lost her speech. My dream for her would be to get her a wheelchair that is motorized so she can drive her self around and be independent. That would be such a blessing to give my mom and would really bring joy to her life. This is another story that really touched our hearts in such a big way and here's what happened. We sent Noni from the #947Crew to surprise Rebecca and her mom, Tannie Antoinette.



"Good day Anele and team,

Thank you for such a wonderful radio show. You are amazing.

I would like to spread the joy over my little boy. His name is Kyle Cock he is 11 years old. He also loves to listen to 947.

The school rugby team is going on tour next year March to Margate; he would love to tour with the school and the rest of his teammates.

The total cost for the tour is R3900. He has a donation form and collected R320.00 between neighbours, family and friends.

I am unemployed due to covid19, and my husband has had a salary cut. So financially we are unable to pay for this tour's expenses and pocket money for the tour.

I hope you can spread a little joy over my little boy's life and dream.

Kind Regards,
Madelein Cock"

Here's what happened in this beautiful moment...


"Hello Anele,

My name is Kereeditse Mmualefe from Munsieville in the Westrand. I recently started an NPO called Resolute, where I take care of over 40 disadvantaged pregnant women and children. Conducting 10 week antenatal and postnatal classes for each group then raise funds to buy small hospital bag essentials for both mommy and baby.

I have already raised funds for the actual bags, and just need help in filling them. Each baby bag costs just over R700 to fill and is filled with nappies, toiletries (for mom and baby), clothes for baby, blankets, and more.

The last group of preggies will be now in December 2020 and unfortunately, I haven't managed to raise enough funds for the hospital bag essentials.

Your kindness in filling our hospital bag will be very much appreciated.

Kind Regards,
Kereeditse Mmualefe"

Here's what happened in this beautiful moment...


We received this incredibly emotional email from Michael...

"Good day, Anele

You and the team have an awesome show, we listen every morning. However, nowadays I put the radio on at home for my wife as she is not mobile after being savagely attacked by 2 grown Pit Bulls. They ripped open her skull, tore her breast, arm and leg.

She was in ICU/High care for about a month and was on the border of life and death.

She is the breadwinner of the house and I am seeking employment after having more than 10 yrs call centre experience under my belt. We have 2 boys aged 14 & 9. She is not at work currently, as she loses her memory fast, cannot walk properly or even write. Our family has been assisting us now and then.

As a grown man of 44 years, I cry myself to bed sometimes because I cannot look my kids in the eye to explain why we do not have anything to eat. They have had two slices of bread in two days. My big boy is writing exams however is too weak to study. I have sold my shoes and clothes and managed to get some food last week. I put off the fridge as it is no use left on.

WE really need ASSISTANCE PLEASE. I do not mind working for the monthly groceries if someone can provide for us until I am successful in a vacancy.

Whatever help we can receive by the Grace Of God will be highly appreciated.

Michael: "Seeing your kids not being able to eat and not knowing what to say to them is something no parents wants to experience!"

Frankie: "Michael, I just want to tell you that you can't carry this and blame yourself for everything that's happened. You're trying your best and doing whatever you can for your family!"

Frankie:"This is really tough. I can't imagine having to rely on eating two slices of toast a day."

Juanita: "It's been tough, we have to rely on family to help us day-by-day!"

This was one of the most painful experiences to read about and the team and Lottostar wanted to do whatever they could to help bring a little bit of Joy to Juanita and Michael this holiday season.

Here's what they were able to help their family with...

Anele and the Club and our family at Lottostar were able to help bring a little Joy to Michael and Juanita with a R5,000 food voucher - each month for the next 12 months.

We hope this will go a long way to bringing some Hope and Joy this holiday season to Michael, Juanita, and their two wonderful young boys.

Hang in there and we wish you a speedy, full recovery Juanita!

947 loves you!


We received the following touching letter from Khadijah...

"Hi Anele,

Hope you guys are all keeping safe & well:)

I would like to nominate my partner Ruemain Govender aka My Bubbaloos because his heart is soft and sweet like the centre of a Bubbaloo sweet.

He works for a spray company in Olifantsfontein, he is a spray technician who has worked throughout the whole of lockdown and only received half his salary each month – (which we are truly grateful for).

We are currently trying to catch up on some outstanding debt that would have been paid off at end of this month but due to Covid-19 and our salary cuts we had to pay what we could afford during lockdown, we have an outstanding loan from Capitec that we took out to assist us in buying some essential items when our children were born (washing machine, fridge etc…), so currently it has been tough as we wanted to finish that payment so we can start saving again, as our kids are 3 and 2 years old and will need to start school soon.

I was hoping you could assist him with a clothes voucher at any clothes store as this year has been rough on us all and you know with growing kids you have to buy them clothes because they don’t last from one Winter to the other at this age, the extra savings we did have we managed to buy them winter clothes during lockdown.

Ruemain only has 2 pairs of shoes that he has been wearing throughout this year and we can’t even afford to squeeze in R200 just to buy him a new one that’s why I didn’t ask for any financial help but rather something simple as a clothes voucher, just to say thank you for all your hard work and sacrifices you make for your family. We love and appreciate you always my Bubbaloos.

Love you lots Anele and the Team!

Kind Regards,

Khadijah Lochenberg"

Listen to the recap of what you missed...

Thank you so much to Anele and the Club and Lottostar for gifting Ruemain and his family with the following:

  • Clothing voucher to the value of R7,000

  • Settle their Capitec loan of R23,320.90

So all in all: Total: R30,320.90
947 loves you!


We received the following heartbreaking letter from Mbali...

Good day Anele and the Team

My name is Mbalenhle Mtshali and the person that I would love for you guys to assist is Sthandeni Ndlovu, my partner. Sthandeni is a 2nd year Bachelor of Education student at Rosebank College in Braamfontein and due to the institution being a private College it is rather hard to get a bursary or funding of some sort, hence at the moment we (being me and Sthandeni's Mother) have been the ones settling the tuition fees and any other academic needs there might be such as books and transport and so on.

I am currently employed under a fixed-term contract that ends in the next 2 months and due to financial constraints we are struggling a bit with settling this year's tuition and with my contract ending it will be very difficult for Sthandeni to further her studies with the remaining two years of her Degree. She is a very sweet person, tough and strong, and though she is not a hero out in the world she is a hero in the little things she does on a daily basis.

Four years ago she was enrolled in the North West University, and due to financial difficulties she had to drop out of school and only enrolled with Rosebank College last year, hence she is doing her 2nd year now. I fear if she had to drop out again, for the same reason as last time it would break her spirit hence my request in this email.

Sthandeni really is a smart, goal orientated, passionate and loving person. She enjoys working with kids and I see her love for kids grow each time she goes for practicals at school.

It would make a huge difference in her life, in fact, I know it would be a dream come true if you could assist settling her tuition fees for the year and if possible assist in getting a bursary that will cover the remaining two years of her qualification.

Looking forward to hearing your positive response, and please let me know should you require any more information.

Thank you and kind regards

Mbalenhle Mtshali

Thanks to our family at LottoStar, we were able to help Sthandeni with the following:

  • covering your outstanding fee’s for this year (2020): R14,390

  • but there was more, we are also going to cover your fee’s for next year (2021): R35,490

So all in all: Total: R49,880.00


Through more kindness, Anele and Frankie gave Sthandeni an additional R5,000 from their personal pockets to assist with transport and other needs she might have.

What we didn't know were the reasons Sthandeni got into teaching. We found out that she overcame cancer as a child...

Listen to the absolutely beautiful moment below...


We received the following heartbreaking letter from Liza...

Morning Anele,

Thank you for allowing us to email you our wish for Christmas.Well, all I want is a tombstone for my twin girls. As a single mother of two boys, times are hard and this year has been really hard. I lost my twins in 2006 and never really thought of putting up a tombstone as we kept the grave clean, but with some people stealing and messing up the place I wanted to save up for a tombstone, but it's been impossible this year coz of financial reasons.I would really appreciate this one wish to come true.

Kind regards,

In a devastating period for Liza and her family...

  • One baby passed away in the hospital a few days after birth

  • The other baby got meningitis at 8 months and passed away in hospital

There are no words that could ever bring comfort to Liza and her family, but we were able to help them out with something special to help them.

We called up Liza to find out how she's doing and also help add some Joy to her life during this incredibly difficult period in her family's life...

Listen to the full moment below...

Thanks to our wonderful family at LottoStar, Anele and the Club was able to help Liza's family with the following:

Full granite tombstone for twins (including engraving), with the framework and a solid slab covering the grave - including a marble flower vase (delivery and setup included) AND an R15,000 voucher towards groceries, clothes, and stationary for her two boys.

We're hoping that this will be able to bring some Joy to Liza and her family during this time.

Thank you to everyone who tuned in and supported this powerful initiative.

Thank you to our wonderful family at LottoStar for once again caring about the community and doing their part in uplifting Joburgers in need.

947 loves you!

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