#FreshDeeds: Making a difference to help Sindiswe and Nazarine

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Do you know a South African doing extraordinary things? Is it you? Tell us about it, because even superheroes need a helping hand.

Every Thursday, the #FreshOn947 team takes some time out to acknowledge an individual giving their time to help make our country better. These are the selfless people who do their part to help those in need or provide a service that helps improve the lives of others.

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Even though Mandela Month is over, the spirit of giving hasn’t stopped. Liberty’s #DriveHope initiative continues to give hope by helping communities around Joburg through Fresh Deeds. We’ve been doing Fresh Deeds every day from 14 - 18 December with our partners - who have been helping us for the past few months - Liberty.


Good day

Hello, Fresh and team I hope you and your family are well. I'm a 24 years old young lady that has been through a lot in life. I'm an orphan and was diagnosed with HIV in 2006, I'm the only child, was raised by my grandmother through the struggle. I've always been quiet and a loner, even now most of the things I go through I keep them to myself. I've reached a point where I feel like I'm reaching my breaking point. I came to Joburg last year hoping things would get better but unfortunately not, because in March when lockdown started I couldn't get promotions gig I used to get and this Ugandan guy who runs an NGO took me in. I struggle with toiletries most of the time, and sometimes we run out of food, I've been losing weight, due to lack of nutrition and stress. Now he's gone home (Uganda) for the holidays, he'll be back next year and he couldn't buy groceries, it's only rice and tin fish that I have. Even R50 for transport to go and fetch my meds I don't have it. I've always had an independent character and I'm not used to asking people for help. I break down alone, and when I'm around people I'm always a happy person. I really need help to get me by this month and next month. I also need a R1000 to register for casting and voice-overs at Kingclip agency, I already applied and they accepted me, I just need to register. Even if you know someone who I can help with housework to earn that money I'd appreciate it a lot. I wrote to the 947 when you guys were helping people but was unfortunately never chosen understandably so cos most people were going through the most this year.

I'm really looking forward to hearing from you.

Yours sincerely,

Liberty’s Drive Hope and Fresh Deeds are awarded Sindi the following:

  1. 7 x R1000 vouchers towards food (for the next 7 months)

  2. R2000 for travel and meds

  3. R1000 to sort out her modelling and voice-over registration

Total value: R10 000


Good morning DJ Fresh and team

I would like to nominate my sister. I really wish I was the one that could help her, but unfortunately, this has been a very bad year not only for me but all of us. My sister's name is Naz, she is a single mother of 3 kids. She is also the sole provider for her family. She also takes care of my uncle. My sister has always been the backbone of the family, she looked after myself, my brother and anyone that doesn't have a place to stay or food to eat. She will go out of her to provide and help. I would appreciate it if you could please help with some groceries. My sister sacrificed a lot and I can see that this suffering is taking a toll on her. I just hope that you guys can help with anything. I feel so bad when I pop in to visit her because I can’t even help her and she has done so much for us growing up.

Thank you DJ Fresh.


Liberty’s Drive Hope and Fresh Deeds are awarding Naz the following:

  • R9000 towards food and electricity

Here's the beautiful moment we called up SIndiswe and Nazarine to give them the wonderful news...

We also chatted to Karen Denny – Divisional Executive Digital Marketing at Liberty.


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Thank you so much to Fresh on 947 and Liberty's Drive Hope campaign for the incredible and impactful work they've been doing for Joburgers - it's been an absolut epleasure.

947 loves you!

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