Does your insurer cover you if your driver or motor licence has expired?

14 days ago

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Technically, your claim can be rejected should one of the parties involved in an accident is found to have an expired licence, whether it be for the driver or for the vehicle.

But, right now the departments are facing a major backlog due to various lockdown stages, so what happens?

Are you at risk of having an insurance claim declined as a result of a driver or vehicle licence having expired and with the government not tabling an extension to the period of validity?

Wynand van Vuuren, Client experience partner for King Price, gives us some clarification...

If you could not get the vehicle licence renewed quickly enough, and you are in an accident, and your insurer wants to now come back to you and say listen, your vehicle is not licenced therefore we are not going to pay your claim. That is nonsense. It can't happen.

Wynand van Vuuren, Customer Experience Partner - King Price

You can also read more by clicking here.

We caught the conversation below and you can listen to the full podcast, too...


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