[WATCH] The simple things humans do that make us smile

14 days ago

Image: TikTok Screenshot | BrianeSahara

Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, we've been surrounded by so much craziness, tragedy, and negativity.

At some point, all of this catches up to us and we're left feeling hopeless and depressed because it feels like the good stuff is nowhere to be found.

We've obviously been spending a lot more time on social media and other digital platforms - notably TikTok.

Now we know that TikTok has been a talking point for numerous privacy reasons (and more), but if you can look past some of them and also look past the plethora of dance challenges, you'll find some wonderful and inspiring content.

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If there's one thing that lockdown has reminded us, it's that we need to enjoy life's simplest and most basic moments, like giving out random compliments - for instance.

We came across this video by user @BrianeSahara and it really made us smile. It's so genuine and so true because we've been so surrounded by the madness that we have forgotten about the small things that make life worth living.

In this video, Briane talks about things that humans do that make her smile.
- random compliments from strangers and you get shy
- when people try sneak snacks into the movies (you know you've done in)
- when you're struggling to open a jar and ask someone to help open it and when they do, you respond with, "Oh, I loosened it for you."

Watch the full video below and tell us about the small things that humans do that make you smile.


it’s the little things #fyp #fypsounds

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