Here's what the new WhatsApp privacy policy actually means for consumers


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255 days ago
Here's what the new WhatsApp privacy policy actually means for consumers

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WhatsApp latest privacy policy updates have been on everyone's mind across social media, with consumers searching for what these changes actually mean for them.

According to MyBroadband, the popular messaging app WhatsApp asked its some two billion users to accept new terms that will allow it to share more information with its parent company Facebook and roll out advertising and e-commerce.

The update sparked criticism among users as they must accept the changes or see their access to the service -- which also allows encrypted voice and video calls - cut off from 8 February.

Facebook aims to monetise WhatsApp by allowing businesses to contact their clients via the platform, even sell them products directly using the service as they already do in India.

"Privacy policy and terms updates are common in the industry and we’re providing users with ample notice to review the changes, which go into effect on 8 February," a Facebook spokesperson said.

"All users need to accept the new terms of service if they want to continue using WhatsApp," added the spokesperson.

There's been a lot of chatter about whether users should be deleting the popular messaging app and moving to other apps like Telegram or Signal.

Should we move to Telegram or Signal? `What App should we be deleting off our devices?

That's one the questions the team asked Jan Vermeulen, Editor At Large - MyBroadband.

It's a little bit overblown but it's great that people are finally sitting up and taking notice of the kind of data they're giving Facebook and asking some questions about what data is WhatsApp and Facebook gathering. WhatsApp is actually the beast when it comes to Facebook's properties.

Jan Vermeulen, Editor At Large - MyBroadband.

If you have a Facebook account then saying that you're deleting WhatsApp is useless because Facebook has a lot of information on you - and the same goes for Instagram.

Jan Vermeulen, Editor At Large - MyBroadband.

This new policy is not that big. Facebook says this will only affect Business WhatsApp account, but the fact is that it's a bit of a half-truth. They can't read your messages but they have been gathering all sorts of other information like your status, profile, and other data about how you use WhatsApp.

Jan Vermeulen, Editor At Large - MyBroadband.

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No, Frankie. WhatsApp can't see the horrible memes you send to your friends if you have end-to-end decryption enabled. Your messages only sit on their server for as long as it takes to send them. With WhatsApp, you're responsible for backing up your messages. WhatsApp's security is actually fantastic if you put them alongside Telegram and Signal.

Jan Vermeulen, Editor At Large - MyBroadband.

Here's what end-to-end encryption is about. Jan also broke down the type of data that other apps are collecting, too.

Jan, if there is an App that I need to delete from my phone, which one should it be?

Anele, Anele and the Club


Jan Vermeulen, Editor At Large - MyBroadband.

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The Telegram Twitter admin also had some fun this past weekend when social media users were threatening to delete WhatsApp...


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