Here's how to start investing with only a few cents

12 days ago

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Bruce Whitfield's Money Show is one of the most popular financial shows in the country, so when he advocates for something, we know he means business.

Have you always wanted to invest in the stock exchange but you've never been sure about the amounts you're able to invest? It doesn't take much to get started and we got some great advice from one of our shows.

You can buy R1 of a stock [on EasyEquities]. The minimum is one cent! … R5 is half the price of a Coke! …

Charles Savage, CEO - Purple Group Limited

My youngest daughter is 12. She started investing using EasyEquities when she was 6… She talks intelligently about investing and the stocks she owns… She owns R5 or this and R10 of that… These kids are going to be wealthy beyond their wildest dreams!

Charles Savage, CEO - Purple Group Limited

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