Bed Availability Status provides digital solution for health facilities

11 days ago

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Full Name: Mandy Du Plooy
Email Address:
Location: Gauteng - Johannesburg
Name of Business: Bed Availability Status (Pty) Ltd.

Brief description of business/hustle:
They have developed an application for hospitals/health care facilities to check the statuses of their beds from anywhere in the world. Any doctor/matron or anyone who has access to Wi-Fi would be able to log onto the application and see how many beds in a particular ward is available, and which one's are booked, etc.

It's very easy and simple to use.

People in hospitals spend hours doing this manually and this application will save the frustration and time doing this job and provide real-time updates to those who need it.

The team chatted to mandy du Plooy to find out more about her business...

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