Tips on how to successfully stick to your meal plans in 2021

45 days ago

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Do you create a menu for the week? Do you actually stick to it?

Sticking to our eating plans are really difficult because life has become so hectic. It's so easy to get caught up with the daily tasks that when it comes to eating we often find the quickest, most convenient, meals to eat.

The start of a new year always helps us reset and try to form new habits and healthy eating is often at the top end of the list.

Greatist shared 7 Ways to stick to your meal plan every single week:

• Determine your goal
• Nerd out with a spreadsheet
• Be real with your social life
• Go “easy” when choosing your meals
• Make your grocery list
• Pick a day to meal-prep
• Stock your kitchen with the right gadgets and containers

Anele and the Club asked Joburgers how they stick to their eating plans because Frankie and his wife, Sophie, have recently started building a menu for his eating plan at home.

  • _"I prepare meals every morning before work. Grill fish and chicken, eat meat once/twice a month. I lost about 40 kilograms. I also gym about 4 times a week."_ - Annelize (Pretoria)
  • _"I have a guy that makes me meals. I've been on this plan since the end of August. I've lost 26 kilograms in 5 months from eating consistently. The meals are delicious and consist of a lot of chicken breasts and baby marrow. I'm so over baby marrow, though. I eat a lot of protein."_ - Tino (Edenvale)
  • _"At work, we have a group with the same goal settings so we prepare food together and each one of us will make food for lunch, etc."_

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Original source: Greatist


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