5 bad work from home habits you may have picked up and how to change them


Preneil Pillay

247 days ago
5 bad work from home habits you may have picked up and how to change them

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The honeymoon phase of working from home is over and we've all gotten pretty used to life from our home offices.

If you enjoy working from home you would have developed some really great habits and some really not-so-great ones.

Not organizing your time

One fo the big aspects of working from home has been that the lines between work time and home time have become very blurry. A lot of people have reported working more and working harder, causing an imbalance in our work-life balance.

Because you’re home so much, it does not mean you should be working all the time. Setting firm boundaries for yourself is really important — and when the weekend rolls around or your shift ends, turn the computer off and allow yourself to actually take your well-earned downtime.

Not taking time out for yourself in the morning

Having a routine is really important and just because you're working from home it doesn't mean that should change. Our first instinct (in the morning) is to usually pick up our phone, make coffee, and turn on our laptops. When we do this, we start off the day in a very stressed out manner because we're immediately exposing ourselves to the stress of world news and our work.

Try waking up 30 minutes or so before my work begins to have some quiet time without screens and phone calls, drink a cup of tea with honey or warm lemon water, and read the newspaper for a few minutes. You can even meditate if that's your preferred downtime.

Working through your lunch break

Are you taking your lunchbreaks? It's so important to take time to eat and give your brain a bit of a break. Don't sacrifice this time because you will be more energised and more focused after a break. Block out time in your calendar and consistently follow it. Here's are some more tips to make your lunch break more productive.

Not making time to move around and keep your blood flowing

No matter your work-from-home setup, it is so important to move around. If the weather outside is rough, you can try pacing around your apartment and surveying each room as you go, or try a simple stretching routine to get your blood flowing.

Even a quick 10-minute walk will make all the difference. You can also find more activities by clicking here.

Not taking a break from your screens

If we're not answering e-mails all day or sitting in Zoom meetings all-day; we're scrolling through our social media feeds, and texting in our various WhatsApp groups. It's so important to take some time out from your screen because of the effects of blue light on your brain (especially at night) and also to give your brain a break.

It can cause a long list of things as Vox notes, including eye strain, dry eyes, and more long-term problems.

According to Apartment Therapy, you can also follow the 20-20-20 rule, which tells you that for every 20 minutes you spend looking at a screen you should look at something that is 20 feet away for 20 seconds.

You can also view more habits and find new methods to combat them by clicking here.

Original source: Apartment Therapy


We have compiled a consolidated list of tips, advice, news updates, and more to help you stay informed. This includes tips on things to keep you busy if you're working remotely.

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