The Perfect Proposal with Anele and the Club


Nondwe Maqubela

292 days ago
The Perfect Proposal with Anele and the Club

André and Nikita

Tell us about your relationship

We’ve been together now for just over 3 years and she’s my best friend, my soul mate and the best gift from God to me. We wanted to get engaged but as faith had it lockdown came and we both lost our work and it took a big knock in our lives so we just kept strong and prayed, we both got new work.
I want to give her the wedding of her dreams and make that day very special for her, she had a hard life and she is my world I want to be there for her for better or worse and support her as she supports me.

How did you meet?

So we met on 13 September 2018, at her previous workplace.
I was having a cup of coffee and this one guy came over about 3 times to get my number and I kept saying no until he said it's for that beautiful girl over there.
So I gave him my number and 13 days later she became my girlfriend on 26 September 2018.

Why should we pick you to propose?

All I know is I love my girlfriend and I want to grow old with her. I want to sit on a stoep one day and hold her hand and gossip about our kids and grandkids.
I want to be her husband and best friend and all I know is God put her in my life and me in hers and she’s my fairytale came true.
How long have you been dating?

Kashvir Mackraj and Tammy Govender

Tell us about your relationship

Tammy and I have been dating for the past 9 years.

We’ve been through thick and thin. We have just not been able to take our relationship to the next level due to financial constraints.

We have actually been caught up trying to make a living and I feel this will be the perfect opportunity for us. As I always want to have Tammy the best. We are dating for just over 9 years. We aren’t engaged even. We are basically each other’s everything.

How did you meet?

Funny story. We actually met at my matric dance. Tammy was a friends partner. We made eye contact on that night and it all clicked together since 8/08/2012.

Keegan and Chyrel

Tell us about your relationship

My love and I met back in 2016, we were both single for a few months, having come from very bad past relationships!
Chyrel or 'Sweetz' as I call her and I have only had love and respect for one another, she has stood with me during my studies that I just recently completed being very supportive especially on those weeks and sometimes months where we could not spend quality time together as I was studying part-time and that had a huge toll on our relationship.
We however pulled through after all the ups and downs most relationship's experience (the proverbial rollercoaster), the Anaconda at Gold Reef City Theme park has nothing on us.
Chyrel deserves the best relationship ever, I treat her as my queen and she in return treats me as her king, we just want the best for each other.
Companionship, friends, trust, faith and whole lot of LOVE.

How did you meet?

I have been friends with her sister and her sister's husband, we were invited to a friends wedding and that's where we met.
A few weeks later I couldn't stop thinking about her and asked her out for coffee and the rest is history as they say.

Musa and Sihle

Tell us about your relationship:

We met at the end of our high school careers and that alone was daunting and triggered the assumption that the relationship was nothing too serious and wouldn’t really go the distance, especially with the looming thought of parting ways when I had to leave for varsity. My mom indirectly set us up which was a plot twist of its own, her being a conservative Christian and all that.
Next thing, she was having Christmas lunch with my family while I’m trying to figure out how this was all happening. Fast forward 7 years later we still roast each other about how this “casual fling/friendship” of ours took us both by surprise and now we’re still together raising a little human being with the rest of our lives ahead of us.
We have both helped each other grow as people which resulted in a lot of growth in our relationship over time.
She worked 2 jobs to hold things down while I navigated my way through varsity and even moved to Joburg, she was in the stands for almost every match she could watch while I played provincial rugby.
We really went against the norm with everything we have done throughout our relationship and it has worked out for the best.
I honestly don’t know how to best describe our relationship, except by saying, this has been the best adventure I didn’t see coming and I would not trade it for anything, one that has taken me far out of my comfort zone only to show what real comfort is.

How did you meet?

We met during matric in high school.
Funny enough my conservative Christian mother who never wanted to even entertain the idea of me dating brought us together. We went to the same school and she would walk to school and I would drive through her street in the mornings(with my mother).
And one day my CONSERVATIVE CHRISTIAN mother just suggests we stop and give her a lift cause she seemed nice and should not be walking alone to school, granted I should have seen this set-up coming a mile away, but I had no intentions with the lifts - until we started talking. Next thing I knew I was rushing to leave the house in the mornings just because those lifts turned in the best part of my day. The lifts turned into late-night texts, constant talking, AM phone calls (had to wait for night shift free minutes), long walks home in the afternoons (from which I chose to proceed to catch a taxi after walking her home, insisting on not getting fetched), and a surprising invitation for her to come join my family for Christmas that same year (this was unheard of at the time for my family, bendiqal’uyiva name).
7 years later, we are still going strong, happily living in our own flat, raising a beautiful daughter, while I sit through gruelling questions like “ulobola nini kwedini?” (when are you paying lobola and getting married) whenever we go home or our families meet.

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