Unspoken rules for shoppers when at the shopping centre


Nondwe Maqubela

39 days ago
Unspoken rules for shoppers when at the shopping centre

Shopping at shopping centres can be a special experience especially during busy weekends.

In most cases, you start thinking about what some people might need to do to make shopping experiences better.

947 Weekend Breakfast wants to know

On the 947 Weekend Breakfast, host Hulisani Ravele, decided to ask what are some unspoken rules you think we should all be following in shopping centres to make the shopping experience more pleasant.

Unspoken rules

Be a better shopper by following some of the suggestions that some of the 947 listeners have.

  • Respect other shoppers including maintaining appropriate social distance.
  • Don't stop in the middle of the aisle to have a chat with someone.
  • Treat retail employees with respect.
  • When the shop closes, don't idle around the shop.
  • Do not stand on top of people in the queue.
  • If you leave the queue, you lose your place.
  • Don't leave your trolley in the middle of the isle while searching for your groceries.
  • No pyjamas and gowns at the shops.

...if you are not paying for the parking ticket, and fine you've come as a family, the entire family cannot be standing in the parking ticket queue. Like you that's paying for the ticket, can be in the queue.

Hulisani Ravele, host of 947 Weekend Breakfast

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