One easy way to become a better runner



1638 days ago
One easy way to become a better runner

There are many running hacks out there – strength train more, cross train often, replace your shoes a lot, jump through hoops, and forget about taking a day off to catch up on your favourite series. In truth, all of these things – barring jumping through hoops, maybe – will make you a better runner, but Discovery gave us the ultimate tip...

If there’s one piece of advice you need to follow to make you a better running it’s this: race more often.

Yes, tapering before a big race really does improve your athletic endurance, but powering through smaller races can help you build up that endurance and racing can act as a kind of training that has benefits that slogging it out by yourself may not. For instance, knowing you have a race coming up, however short, can help you to maintain the motivation you need to keep running. And the race atmosphere, even if it’s a fun run or 5km time trial like a parkrun, can really push you to run harder than you might when training. It’s also a great way to work out those pre-race nerves if you get them.

Still, there should be a strategy behind your racing season and it’s not necessarily about picking any race to run every weekend – that way lies overtraining and running fatigue. Here are a few strategies to tie into your new plan to race more often this year.

You don’t have to taper for every race

Tapering is a good strategy to help you race your best for your big races – but if you’re running a smaller race, use it to train rather than tapering for it. Tapering does result in a small loss of fitness and endurance so strategize which races you need to rest up for and which you can run through.

Take on different challenges

If your goal is to race a marathon or half-marathon, you don’t need to run only longer distance races. Running a 5 or 10km race can also help you improve your tactics, your sprint speed, and help you to learn how and when to kick it up a gear to earn an extra few seconds.

Try pace experimentation

One of the great things about timed races is that you can’t really lose because you’ll be learning something about how to run through various situations. Weather can affect your performance, as can stress in other areas of your life, your training load, and almost anything else. Trying out different pacings in different conditions can really help you to figure out what’s best for your style of running.

So, run more races this year to improve your running.

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