Festive season gift ideas: Best toys for 2017

1027 days ago

Creative parenting expert Nikki Bush joined Azania Mosaka for a preview of some of the toys she will be showcasing at her annual Toy Talk event.

Bush has been tracking the toy industry trends for the year, putting together some of the most anticipated selection of new toys and games that she recommends for the gifting season.

She shares some of the most popular toys this year.

The fusion toys, hybrid toys, putting tech into toys. This has been coming for quite a few years.

Nikki Bush, creative parenting expert

Play Dough have come out with a play dough touch shape to life studio, you create characters with digital stamps and then you put it on top of a portal, scan it using an iPad, then you can start exploring different worlds. Create all these worlds and give them magical powers.

Nikki Bush, creative parenting expert

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