[WATCH] The full story of Baby Hannah on the 947 Breakfast Club


Preneil Pillay

1183 days ago
[WATCH] The full story of Baby Hannah on the 947 Breakfast Club

The 947 Breakfast Club has again jumped at the opportunity to help a toddler and her family.

Baby Hannah was born with a rare condition where, at birth, only half her face was formed, leaving her without an eye on one side of her face and half a nose. Her situation is a lot more complicated and her condition has affected other bodily functions. Her father, policeman was meant to play May Money Madness with 947 earlier this month.

Unfortunately, he wasn’t able to take the call as he was attending to a gunshot victim at the time. He then contacted 947 and spoke about his little girls condition and the financial strain due to medical bills, as medical aid does not cover most of it.

Hannah is currently receiving treatment by different specialists, but because she is still very young, she has to be treated regularly in stages as she grows.

The family was told that they were being taken to a specialist when in fact they were on their way to the 947 studios as a surprise.
Hidden cameras captured this:

With Lottostar donating a total of R105 000 to help Hannah, the City of Joburg decided that they also wanted to get involved.

Thank you Lottostar and the beautiful people of Joburg for making dreams come true!

947 loves Baby Hannah!

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