#FreshDeeds: Helping Thabiso get to his Matric Dance looking absolutely dapper

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Do you know a South African doing extraordinary things? Is it you? Tell us about it, because even superheroes need a helping hand.

Every Thursday, the #FreshOn947 team take some time out to acknowledge an individual giving their time to help make our country better. These are the selfless people who do their part to help those in need or provide a service that helps improve the lives of others.

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Nombali contacted the #FreshOn947 team, telling us that her Thabiso, a young boy introduced to her by her daughter. He's in matric and stays alone and struggles with acquiring daily needs.

He needs financial assistance and Nombali is unable to always make a plan. Nombali's family is always involved...

Nombali often helps out orphans and those who are unable to help themselves.

I need an outfit and some pocket money would really help. Life is really hard. Matric is hard.

Thabiso, #FreshDeeds recipient


A friend of the #FreshOn947 team heard about it and they decided to get involved...

Khaliques wanted to assist Thabiso and so they offered to sponsor him a suit for his Matric Dance and also sponsored an after-party outfit, too.

They also wanted to acknowledge Nombali's incredible work in society. They have an institution called #Vision10000, where they offer to train a young person and then give them a chance to work at one of their partner stores.

Photo: Thabiso's after-party outfit fitting at Khaliques

Photo: Thabiso's Matric Dance suit

Fresh On 947

The #FreshOn947 team also threw in R1,000 pocket money for him and also a kit of toiletries for the big night.

Thank you so much to Sis'Nombali for all the incredible work that she does.

But wait, there's more...

Ryan called in and wanted to make a contribution, too. Ryan and his small business offered transport for the big night.

Sheldon from Legend's Barbershop offered a mobile barbershop to help the kids look as fresh as possible.

You can listen to the full moment below...

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