Support the teacher your child has been assigned, urges parenting expert

74 days ago

With the first week of the new school term behind them, kids will be coming home with all sorts of stories about their assigned teachers, either good or bad.

Parenting expert Nikki Bush says although your child might initially be dismayed about a new teacher, this does not necessarily mean it'll turn out to be a bad pairing.

She urges parents to give teachers their support to ensure a productive school year.

We don't always understand the dynamics in the classroom and how our child is at school, so give the pairing the benefit of the doubt.

Nikki Bush, Parenting expert

Often what we think is going to be a bad match turns out to be the best possible match.

Nikki Bush, Parenting expert

When you do pick up a problem, do not discuss it with the teacher in front of your child, advises Bush.

Make a private appointment, otherwise you are going to destroy that relationship and it will be irreparable.

Nikki Bush, Parenting expert

She also offers some advice about how to go about choosing a school, not only for its facilities and academic reputation, but also for the particular culture it fosters.

Bush suggests not only attending an official open day, but spending some time there on a normal school day. There are also schools do offer an "open day" on a specific day every week.

If you can be at a school on a normal day where you are seeing things done in a normal way, you can gauge the happiness of the children in that school.

Nikki Bush, Parenting expert

You can see the teachers and how they respond to the children, you can pick up the energy. And of course, yes, you ask about the values and the culture.

Nikki Bush, Parenting expert

The parenting expert also looks at effective ways of dealing with "morning madness" and "suicide hour" as families get back into the "busy-ness" of a new school year after a long holiday.

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