South Africans ditching DStv for Netflix - survey

156 days ago has released results of a survey completed by 1,867 tech-savvy South Africans.

The survey reveals that 80% of respondents have a Netflix subscription. Of those, 70% do not subscribe to a DStv package, while 30% do.

50% claim to have cancelled their DStv account after subscribing to Netflix.

Senior journalist at chats to Africa Melane about the trend in the home entertainment market.

As people's disposable income comes under pressure due to recession and other economic factors, they're making the hard choice and saying, I can't afford R800 to R900 a month.

Jan Vermeulen, Senior journalist -

He says families are then choosing something that caters to the entire family's tastes, but at a fraction of the cost.

But streaming services such as Netflix do not have premium live sport.

They are saying if I want to catch a game I will have to go to friends or to the pub to watch it.

Jan Vermeulen, Senior journalist -

He says for those who do not need a high level of sports coverage, they might feel they get better entertainment value from a more affordable streaming service.

Is this trend pervasive through South Africa?

Vermeulen acknowledges the survey sample is biased towards people who are tech-savvy but suggests where the internet is available, especially at home, this trend is growing.

I would say anywhere that there is connectivity in South Africa - has internet access - there is going to be an incentive to get Netflix and other streaming services as alternatives to DStv.

Jan Vermeulen, Senior journalist -

He cites recent FNB data showing that the amount of money South Africans are spending on Netflix has doubled since last year.

Listen to the interview below:

This article first appeared on CapeTalk : South Africans ditching DStv for Netflix - survey



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