"Baking is a creative outlet for me!" - Lerato Höffele, EWN, Fresh On 947


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"Baking is a creative outlet for me!" - Lerato Höffele, EWN, Fresh On 947


If the curiosity behind her surname doesn't grab your attention then her mouthwatering baking skills will.

Lerato Höffele is a name you will hear on your radio; one you associate with bringing you the latest news and competing against her husband on all things German, but there's so much more to the talented broadcaster.

The lockdown has revealed a lot about people in South Africa and around the world as everyone takes to social media to showcase their hobbies and Lerato is no exception.

You would have seen Mantsoe and Anele showing off their culinary skills, too.

Lerato started off her broadcasting career at UJFM whilst studying at the University of Johannesburg, Auckland Park campus. But today, we're curious about how her love for baking started...

"Having grown up in a home where mom is basically walking patisserie - baking has always been a part of my life or maybe rather my stomach. My siblings and I grew up on mom’s traditional baked goods repertoire that was passed on to her from my grandmother.

I’ve always been hesitant to bake myself, as it always seemed so complicated. But most importantly the perfectionist in me had a big issue that once your creation is in the oven you have absolutely no control on how it turns out. If its a mess you will only find out at the end - and the only way to fix it is by starting all over again."

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I have a repertoire of about six different types of cakes I make but I also do special requests on the side.

Lerato Höffele, EWN & Fresh On 947

"Fast forward to two decades later - I’m finding myself baking more often - with the guidance and patience of my mom. The hundreds of phone calls and late nights in the kitchen created a sense that she was passing the baking legacy on to me - which meant that I would be the next baker in the family.

Apart from the fact that there is an intense competition between my husband and I about who the king or queen of the kitchen is - baking is a creative outlet for me. As a news anchor, I work in a highly pressurised environment where most of the stories we cover are truly heartbreaking. So baking has become a wonderful way for me to find an escape after a difficult day in the newsroom. It also allows me to be challenged creatively and brings a sense of accomplishment when I open the oven and I’m hit by the smell of delicate cake that was made with so much love and effort."

I consider it a privilege that I am able to bake, because something that brings me so much joy can also be extended to bring the same happiness to my friends, family and colleagues. Its a match made in the oven!

Lerato Höffele, EWN & Fresh On 947

After amazing feedback about her baking, Fresh encouraged her to start selling some of her cakes, so that's exactly what she decided to do.

It was actually Fresh’s idea that I turn my baking into a business. He’s so amazing and supportive, so I’ve started small; doing orders for the Primedia family and it’s really taking off. We’ve been in business for 2 months now and it’s crazy busy.

Lerato Höffele

If you'd like to get in on the action and get a taste, you can purchase some of her famous cakes from Sweet Tooth by Lerato.

Follow Lerato on social media to keep up with the latest news and her delicious baking.



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