How to cope with your growing anger during lockdown

256 days ago


After six weeks of lockdown – with conditions forced on us – many people are more than merely fraying at the edges.

Anger, frustration, anxiety, depression… ANGRY!!!

Right now, more than usual, it feels like social media is full of videos of angry people losing their minds, some erupting in violence.

Kieno Kammies asked psychologist Dr G about for advice on regulating our emotions and healthy, practical coping mechanisms for anger.

You get different types of anger. There is deep-seated anger – that needs to be treated professionally… It has to do with your upbringing and culture. It has to do with your parents, mostly…

Dr G, psychologist

Situational, temporary anger… you cannot just let your emotions take control of you! It’s wrong to let it go and to lose control… building up lots of steam and letting it off at the slightest provocation… Some people harbour things, others get it off their chests and get on with life…

Dr G, psychologist

It’s not about me… he is not angry with me. He’s not doing it intentionally… he could be having a bad day… a medical emergency, late for work, pissed off at his husband…

Dr G, psychologist

Anger is not bad by itself. It can motivate and energise you. It can make you determined and stronger. It can make you survive conditions you would otherwise not survive… If you can channel your emotions… you’ve got a winning recipe!

Dr G, psychologist

Listen to the interview in the audio below.

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