‘Why are teachers only concerned about their risk?'

96 days ago

The South African Democratic Teachers Union (Sadtu) wants the education department to suspend schools with immediate effect until the COVID-19 peak has passed.

On Tuesday the union held a meeting with the National Executive Committee to plan a way forward in which the decision was made that schools should be suspended with immediate effect.

Callers on The Clement Manyathela Show debated on the motion brought by Sadtu, with some arguing that pupils are not safe even when they are at home and that every essential worker is at risk, not just teachers.

They say the teachers are at risk, Clement I want to ask you and myself I am a medical doctor we are all at risk everyone who goes to work is at risk, am I right? So Why are the teachers only concerned about their risk? Why is their risk higher than those of the nurses? People are driving taxis and they are worried about their health.

Farouk, Caller

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The union has asked to meet Basic Education Minister Angie Motshekga to table their resolution and if they are not heard they will come up with a “programme of action” rather than go to court.

Another caller, Thabiso, argued that it was not only teachers that are concerned about their safety but that parents were also anxious about taking their children to school.

We must welcome the decision that was made by Sadtu that from now on they don’t see it being safe for children to go back to school. As I think this has been a complaint by parents about the safety of schools and others chose that their children will not go back to school.

Thabiso, Caller

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Sadtu has proposed that children use media tools such as radio and digital platforms to learn.

Listen below to the full open line:

This article first appeared on 702 : ‘Why are teachers only concerned about their risk?'



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