Medical staff and carers in desperate need of PPE, here's how you can help

92 days ago

Medical workers of all kinds are working tirelessly on the frontlines of the Covid-19 pandemic and need our help to protect themselves. The NPO, Masks for Medics, have been raising funds to supply personal protective equipment (PPE) to health care workers for months and still require assistance.

Dr Anthony Smith of Masks for Medics, explains that as the country opens up more and we come into more contact with people there will be an increase in cases. Thus there will be an increased need for PEE. He says that this is not just for doctors and nurses, but all people who are working in and around the medical field.

Carers of the elderly are prominent, but really it's for anybody. Whether they be emergency workers, whether they be social workers or occupational therapists - we have been helping a wide variety of people for the last six weeks.

Dr Anthony Smith, Masks for Medics

Smith adds that when people think of frontline workers, they immediately think of ICU doctors, but these doctors are most likely being supported. It is the other workers that are in need of PPE

It was the forgotten workers, those niches which we from the very beginning wanted to help out. And we've hopefully made a little bit of a mark, but it is going to continue. This level of protection needs to occur for several months going forward and we can't let our guard down.

Dr Anthony Smith, Masks for Medics

To make a donation to Masks for Medics, head to their Backabuddy fundraising page.

Listen to the full audio below:

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