Easy steps to making craft beer quickly, safely and legally at home

76 days ago

As the alcohol ban continues, homebrewing is becoming more popular. But if you are tired of making pineapple beer, there is a way for you to make 'proper' beer at home legally.

Breweries around the country can't sell beer at this time but they can sell wort. This is a non-alcoholic, malty liquid that you can ferment at home, and in a couple of weeks, you will have your very own batch of homemade beer.

Refilwe Moloto chats to Lucy Corne, editor of On Tap magazine to find out how to legally brew your own beer at home.

Corne explains there are two parts to the brewing process. You first have to create wort, the liquid extracted from the mashing process during the brewing of beer or whisky. It contains the sugars that will be fermented by the yeast to form the alcohol.

They say brewers create wort and yeast create beer. So the brewers have done the job for people basically.

Lucy Corne, Editor - On Tap magazine

The brewers use water, malt and hops to create the wort which is a 5-hour process, she explains.

So people who are looking to have a couple of beers in the sun maybe don't have time to do the whole brewing process, so the idea is they can go to the local cross brewery or to some of the homebrew supply stores.

Lucy Corne, Editor - On Tap magazine

People can buy 10 or 20 litres of the wort, she suggests.

Take the wort home, get the correct yeast and you can just ferment at home. It still takes 10 to 14 days before you can drink it - but it really is the easiest possible way you can make your own beer that is good for you.

Lucy Corne, Editor - On Tap magazine

What hardware would one need?

Corne says all you need is a container in which to ferment the beer, such as a very clean sanitised plastic bucket with some form of an airlock, a hose, bottles and caps for bottling.

The problem at the moment is many of the homebrew stores are really struggling with stock because as you can image home brewing is the new favourite hobby in South Africa.

Lucy Corne, Editor - On Tap magazine

But if you cannot buy an airlock container you can convert it yourself, she adds.

But there are ways you can McGyver this.

Lucy Corne, Editor - On Tap magazine

You really just need a very small hole in the top of a lid on the bucket with a very small well sanitised hose.

It is very important at this stage of the brewing process to keep everything super clean and sanitised.

Lucy Corne, Editor - On Tap magazine

Listen to the interview below:

This article first appeared on CapeTalk : Easy steps to making craft beer quickly, safely and legally at home



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